Ancient Indochina. Part 4.



As my faithful readers must have surmised, I like to touch upon a variety of subjects. I was diagnosed “borderline dilettante” at an early age. Fortunately my Juvenile records are sealed. Fiction, non-fiction, gender, travel and the accompanying “yours truly’s” photographs. But I look at stats (I have been producing and analyzing data most of my professional life) and lo and behold my top post is not my fiction, not my travel accounts or personal ramblings. My top post is based on the work of a DWM (Susan Sontag charged that Dead White Males were responsible for all the world’s woes) And a colonialist at that. Even worse: a French colonialist! This single series on century-old photographs of Indochina has generated more traffic than any of my “own” stuff! (Let’s shed a tear). And many silent, and hopefully smiling visits from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. So: heed the Reader…

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