San Francisco, half a century


“Half a century? What d’ya mean, dude?”

“Fifty years plus change.”

“Still don’t get it.”

“I first went to San Francisco in 1965. Half a century ago. Plus or minus margin of error.”

“Fifty years, dude? That IS scary.”

“You’re telling me!” 🙂 The above is the Cable car turnaround of Powell and Hyde, December 1965. Check the clothes, hairdo, white socks. In those days, passengers turned the car around. Not’ny more. Dude.


The Cable car today.


Back in ’65. Nobody had really heard of Kerouac yet. But white socks were definitely in fashion. To the right: yours truly, fascinated.


Today’s turnaround on Powell and Market. Now they pay people to turn the car while tourists are queueing.


Jumping back 50+ years. Again, check the clothes. 🙂


Down Powell at full speed.


To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn… Pete Seeger wrote the song in the late 50’s. The Byrds launched their version precisely in December ’65… And again, if you look at the conservative clothing, little did anybody know a “revolution” was under way.


The streets of San Francisco, 1965. Alcatraz – then in full operation – is in the centre, in the background. I can’t remember but this was probably taken on Hyde St. On my brand new Instamatic. 🙂



Stewart the seagull, today, Fisherman’s wharf. Stewart is (c)ourtesy Tiffany Choong. See:


Stewart’s great-great-grandfather, Fisherman’s wharf, December 1965.


Love the cars! When was that? Yes. You, the gentleman at the back? Stop texting and pay attention. 🙂 When was that?



Alcatraz again. 1965.


Golden gate bridge. When? I’ll give you a clue. There was no fog.

To be continued…

Captain and crew thank you for flying the Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle. Please adjust your E-Watch. Today is December 9, 2016. Have a great week-end. 🙂

34 thoughts on “San Francisco, half a century

  1. I do not wear a watch anymore, but now, you ask me to fix my e-watch (what the hell is this?), but I really prefer to stay timeless without watch on the rest of my journey to be honest because the present time is only the anticipated future, but when you read this my respective thoughts will have already vanished again to the past. What am I writing here, time to leave …

      • It always requires some efforts, so I will go to Nunavut (Northern Arctic Canadian region) in July/August 2017, I hope the Inuit can give me some more support in this regard. I hope this works out somehow because I do not like at all fish and seafood of any kind. My trip will start in any case in Québec > Newfoundland > Nunavut > final clearance … Bon voyage!

      • My plan is to go via Aeroplane to Cape Dorset, but no in summer there is no ice left, see here:

        But with ice and snow it is f….. cold indeed, and in summer the nights will be very short i. e. sunrise and sunset sometimes nearly at the same time, quite crazy!

      • Qu’en termes galants ces choses-là sont dites… 🙂 Très beau texte… Und in Fransözich… Il n’est point de retour de la nostalgie? Quand au mirage de l’ailleurs…
        moi qui ai cherché la Beauté jusqu’à l’autre bout de la terre, j’ai compris, un jour, devant la Seine, qu’Elle avait toujours été là, à mes pieds. Gutte woche… (Don’t mind my spelling, I don’t really speak German. 😉

  2. I had no idea that the passengers turned the tram around in its beginnings. Sure is different now! We loved being there, and have similar images to your later ones, tucked away on digi cameras and iPhones… Lots of things have changed.
    Love the white socks… 🙂

    • yes things changed. I had forgotten about the passengers until I looked back at the photos again. 🙂 And I’m sure you have very similar photos. We all travel in parallel but similar universes… have a lovely week, Carolyn. (Put some white socks on)

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