Ancient Indochina. Part 3.


25a Hué-b

Hué. One of Than Thaï’s follies, several of his wives in ritual dress are transformend into musicians, wearing a Marine fusilier’s belt.

L’une des follies de Than Thaï, une partie de ses femmes en costume rituel sont transformées en musiciennes affublées d’un ceinturon d’infanterie de marine.

Hué was the imperial city of Vietnam between 1802 and 1945. The capital of the Nguyen dynasty. (Nguyen is a very common surname in Vietnam. Much like Smith!) Emperor Thanh Thai was crowned in 1889; some call him the Vietnamese Caligula, with a “well-stocked Harem”.  Hence the legend above of “several of his wives”. The first emperor to cut his hair short and drive a car, after repeated stories of servants and women abuse, he was sent away “on a vacation” by the French and deposed in 1907 on the grounds of insanity. (Source: the mad monarchist).

Hué will be remembered by Americans…

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