A morning walk. San Francisco.


And the sun came out in San Francisco. Light for the colours. Jimmy Hendrix watches over the mural. Can you see him?

2 2016-07-07 15.28.04.jpg

The last surviving dinosaurs are in San Francisco. (Please don’t sit on me…)


Tex Avery’s howling wolf?

4 2016-07-08 13.09.49.jpg

Barbie’s doll house. Near Mission. It’s a real house. Ah swear!


6 2016-07-07 15.33.06.jpg

USP. Unique Selling Proposition.

7 2016-07-07 15.35.03.jpg

On Masonic Avenue and Hayes. “Groovy, Man, do you dig?” 😉 In modern English: “I mean, Like, whatever.”


A compatriot in San Francisco. Bloody Frogs! 🙂

On this jumping note, the Captain and crew wish you a lovely week-end. Thank you for flying the Equinoxio TimeSpace shuttle.


45 thoughts on “A morning walk. San Francisco.

  1. Great drawings and I love the “Barbie doll house” colors (except for the green, usually, but right there it fits). 🙂 By the way, there was a series called “Doll house” starring Eliza Dushku but I think it was canceled quite prematurely; only saw first episode.

    Gotta go prepare myself some Einstein coffee. Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  2. Nice! I went to San Francisco last year but didn’t see street art as nice as these! Must have been because i was in a car the entire time 😦 lol. Next time i’ll make sure to walk around!

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