Indochine. Where India met China.


It is an old photo album. Bound in beige cloth. Marked by the passage of time, like an old man’s hands. There is a title on the front cover: Vues de l’Indo-chine. Views of Indochina. My brother found it in a flea market in Paris and gave it to me as a birthday present, many, many years ago. And a fitting present it was since we’d both lived in Cambodia and Vietnam. I don’t remember much, except for fleeting images. He does: I was three, and he was nine.

01b types cambodgiensTypes cambodgiens. Cambodian types.

Judging by the jewelery those women and children are probably from the Cambodian court. Notice the closely cropped hair on the women. Unusual in Asia. Probably the fashion around 1900.

The author, or owner of the album is unknown. The photographer generally doesn’t appear in his/her own photos. (Go to your albums now and write…

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