Pot-pourri ocho and zwanzig


At a restaurant in Tlalpan, Mexico city. July 2016. The restaurant is housed in an old colonial 17th-18th century house. A very nice setting.


Notre-Dame. In memory of those killed and injured in Paris on November 13th last year.

3 2015-07-09 15.39.54.jpg

London, 2015. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the place/museum. I need to write stuff down… 😉


Moctezuma, the (one before) last Emperor of Mexico. “He who throws arrows into the sky”. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2016.


Berlin, 2010.


Palais de Tokyo (Museum of modern arts) Paris. 2015. Erato was the Greek Muse of lyric poetry. Her name meant “loved” or “desired”.


Amazon forest, 2006. Frog. Not the French variety. 🙂


“Monsieur Hulot”, Saint-Marc-sur-mer, Brittany. 2013. Mr Hulot was a character created and played in the 50’s and 60’s by French Director Jacques Tati. A tall, absent-minded man who “struggles” silently against the woes of the modern world. (Did I just write “woes”? OMG. This is almost as bad writing as “a stunning woman”.) 😦


Paris, August 2016. In an incredible though fortunately short period of Germany/Merkel bashing in France, this photograph of a younger “mutti” says: “When she was young, she was a bit more ‘fun'”. (See what I mean about bashing?)


Colonial-style house. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2016.



Near Les Halles, Paris, this summer. Around the end of endless renovation works of the forum. This is close to Saint-Eustache church. Checked out Agnès B. She owns a brand of ready-to-wear clothes and supports street artists. I like the result. Do you?

Please fasten your seat-belts as the Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle is reaching its destination. Un bon week-end à tutti, todos, alles, all.




33 thoughts on “Pot-pourri ocho and zwanzig

  1. Merkel-Bashing: It is too true, mostly she and her politics are quite boring, and now more and more and more years to be expected with her as a chancellor, will that never never really end like an endless nightmare? But sometimes she is surprising people, too seldom to be honest, so we will be at least nuclear-free in Germany sooner or later due to an instinct-decision of the Mutti-government after Fukushima i. e. lessons-learned against strong resistance from whatever side. Bon weekend!

      • Merkel is quite practical and pragmatic in order to save her power situation, so she has always played with men like chess figures, so a lot of victims in her own party over the years, this is one of the reasons why nobody else can be nominated by her own party for chancellor, all which were ambitious in former times are now somewhere else in order to safeguard their interests because they never got a chance. And this is now getting really boring after so many years, however many other people call it German stability and say: Wow, look what Mutti has achieved! In any case a thousand times better than having a person like Donald Trump …

  2. I like good artists too, Agnès B. is doing a fine job supporting them. 🙂
    Recently, I found on some blog a picture of a very young Angelita 🙄 but it’s in no way suitable for minors so I’m not gonna publish the link. Indeed she way way more fun then – take my word for it. XD
    That London museum had an arab theme? Lots of beheaded people in that picture… 🙄 😀
    Wonder who broke Jesus’ fingers in first picture – was it some loan shark, maybe? 😛

    Now seriously, you got me thinking: to the left of the panel depicting Moctezuma it says “Espacio sideral”. This leads me into thinking the guy was actually capable of launching… rockets beyond the atmosphere. O_o Aliens? Humans from the future? History hold so many secrets…

    Anyway, I love how women used to dress up in those ancient greek times. XD XD XD
    Have a fine weekend, mon ami! 😉

  3. My first introduction to Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday was a private screening at a cinema for a friend’s birthday, I loved it, and Jacques Tati’s work generally ever since. Jour de Fete is a particular favourite. That also looks like a beach worth a visit!

    • That is quite unique. Tati did not have a great international diffusion. And his style is a bit peculiar. I will see if I can download les vacances de M. Hulot! (After so many years!)

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