So long…

He made us dance to the end of Love.

He took a Chelsea Hotel to international fame.

He bade farewell to all the Mariannes we knew.

A pretty woman leaning in her darkened door cried to him.

The Sisters of Mercy no longer wait for him.

When they poured across the border he was cautioned to surrender.

This he could not do.

Suzanne just took him to her place near the river.

So long Mr. Cohen. Thank you for your words.

Do click on the link above. “The partisan” is an adaptation of a french song written in 1943 by Emmanuel d’Astier de la Vigerie, in London during WWII. A song that would soon become an unofficial anthem of the French Résistance, along with another song, written by Kessel and Druon, “Le chant des partisans”.

In those dark days looming ahead, let us remember the last words of the Partisan:

“The wind, the wind is blowing,

“Through the graves the wind is blowing

“Freedom soon will come.

“Then we’ll come through the shadows.”


26 thoughts on “So long…

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. I am saddened by the death of Leonard Cohen whose lyrics are among the most beautiful written.

  2. Another star decided to shine only from far above…
    Time is tickin’ away for everybody, everywhere.
    Sky will be brighter and brighter at night.
    May he rest in peace!

      • I hope so too. Don’t forget the French Presidential election. Le Pen peut gagner… (O rage, ô désespoir, o vieillesse ennemie! N’ai-je donc tant vécu que pour cette infamie?) 😉

      • Understandable. But I am a market research man, a cousin of the pollsters. Why have polls repeatedly failed lately (e.g. Brexit and Trump) because interviewees lie. Even in exit polls. They lie about voting for Trump and Le Pen. The latter is already forecast at 30+% votes, first rank in the first round. She would be beaten in the second round. Now is that true? 😦 That is my concern.

  3. Hello. Being Canadian, this post really meant a lot to me. Many Canadians were saddened by the death of this poetic Canadian artist. Our artists are sometimes in the shadow of American artists. We are extremely proud of our artists. Mr. Cohen had such amazing talent. Thank you very very much for acknowledging the late Leonard Cohen. Sincerely Joanna

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