Day of the Dead. Part two.

Previously on Equinoxio: the Captain and crew are in therapy after the shock of watching the world’s worst haircut after Boris “Judas” Johnson win the election of the modern Empire. In a parallel universe, Mexico celebrated the Day of the Dead. Here is the remainder of a stroll among the Dead in Tlalpan, a borough of Mexico city.

2016-11-01 12.51.00.jpg

Altar to the Dead, Tlalpan, Mexico city, November 2016.

2016-11-01 12.51.28.jpg

Bertold Brecht, reading a book Β on a bench, Tlalpan main square. If the government is not happy with the verdict of its people, better “dissolve the people and elect another”. Many many thanks to Alakananda Mookerjee for this quote. Visit her fabulous site at:


Mitt Romney has opted for a new career as an organ-grinder in Tlalpan main Sq. Mexico city.


Tlalpan main Square, Mexico city.


The new Secretary of the Treasury, Newt Gingrich, announcing major cutbacks in social programmes.


The sale of tamales, tacos and burritos will be severely controlled.


Just a door. Tlalpan.

2016-11-01 13.19.46.jpg

Neighbours commenting the final results of the election.


Ted Cruz has reconverted as a pop singer.


Sarah Palin, the newly appointed Secretary of State, panhandling for ammo to go bear-hunting on Wall St.

Enough for today. Enjoy a great week-end, and the rest of November and December. The new administration will not come into office until January. Praise the Lord for small favours.

39 thoughts on “Day of the Dead. Part two.

    • Agreed. The small favour is that we have until January to breathe. (And maybe stock food in case of a nuclear fall-out). But this guy is such a moron, he is likely to insult the chinese president or Putin if he fells like it. That is the major risk.

  1. Have you also visited cemeteries? Normally a lot of Mexicans are to be met there during this period for feasts with their ancestors. At least they have a real and visible relationship to death which got quite lost in our Gringo-Civilization.

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