Pot-pourri twenty-cinque


The best laid plans… I was thinking of posting a Paris promenade, but Time, the eternal thief, got the better of me. So here is a pot-pourri “twenty-cinque”. Starting with a monster motif on top of Milan’s cathedral.


“Muscle your piano. AVC (stroke). Trauma to the head…” Paris, Rue des Pyrénées. 2015.


The house of bells. Tlalpan, Mexico city.


“South of the border west of the sun”. San Francisco. July 2016.


The little mermaid, Milan version.


This is not a door. Mexico city, 2015.


Milan. The cathedral. Lace or stone?


Lo stesso. Il Duomo di Milano. The construction took nearly six centuries…


Silk and cotton growing in Indochina. Around 1930. Porte dorée, Paris.


TACO: Talleres de arte Contemporéanea. Contemporary Art Workshop. Tlalpan, Mexico city, 2016.


San Francisco, 2016. Pax. Paix. Paz. Peace… Would that be Jerry Garcia? The Dead would be Grateful for Peace…


“Catarina”, a symbol of Death. Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2016.


Oh, island in the sun. Roume island, off the coast of Conakry, Guinea, c.1962-63. Our usual sunday destination then. Can’t resist putting Harry Belafonte’s version:

As always it has been a pleasure flying Equinoxio Airways with you. Captain and crew will be moving house on Saturday. Who knows when the Internet will be back on. Gotta run, a few more boxes to close. 😉 Have a lovely week-end y’all. 🙂

38 thoughts on “Pot-pourri twenty-cinque

    • Thank you my friend. It was relatively painless, but we are still in boxes, and working out the final details. I guess we should be ok by the end of next week. How have you been?

      • Hey, that’s good news. I was actually wondering how it went. 🙂 We’re still here, waiting for next flight with Equinoxio Airlines (or is it Timelines? 😉 )

        No changes on my side other than cold, too cold weather out here. Thank you for asking. 😉

        Have an easy and hopefully relaxing weekend, cher ami! 🙂

      • Gesundheit! 🙂

        Sorry to hear about the weather there. Personally I can’t stand rain and cold. But what can we do when others are the highest bidders on weather control… 🙄
        Hopefully it’ll all get back to normal soon there. We’re all soaked here, bracing for winter. Another year has gone by…

      • We used to get a lot of snow in the past. Now, in certain areas it barely snows a few times and temperature is way too high for that time of the year. This January I went out to the local store wearing only a T-shirt (and pants, of course 😀 ) which is definitely not normal for our country.

        I too would take snow over rain, but out here when snow starts to melt it becomes pigs’ paradise in the streets. 🙂 Donne moi un eternelle étè indian et je serais le plus heureuse homme sur la Terre! 🙂
        (sorry if I missed any accents)

      • Glad you put the pants on. 😉
        Now it is true that snow when melting turns into mud. I remember my skiing days. Your french is very good. Don’t worry about the accents. Cheers.

    • Asante sana Memsahib. After 2 weeks we are beginning to see some semblance of order. 🙂 And a (relative) cold seems to be settling in. NOthing comparable to yours, though. Are you getting ready for winter?

      • Autumn has only just arrived here. Very late. Flowers still out in the garden. Spinach seedlings and field beans actually growing up at the allotment. Glad to hear you’re getting settled. It’s a good moment when ‘some semblance of order’ manifests itself – and isn’t only a mirage of wishful thinking 🙂

    • Thank you Robin. Not so smoothly. We had to make 3 “hauls”. And the house was not quite finished when we moved in. But it is getting better. I hope to be almost there by the end of next week. How have you been? Getting ready for winter?

      • I guess by now you are fully moved in and working on the hard part, unpacking.
        All is good here. Kids and Arai all good too. I am bracing myself for winter although it has been really nice considering the time of year. Today it was 71F and tomorrow will be 48F for the high. I am prepared.

      • Yes kinda like diesel but different…not sure how. I prefer gas heat but there are no lines out here in the country and it will probably be to expensive to convert to propane heat.

        Installing radiators…that seems like a project. You will need a furnace too?

      • No space for a furnace. ‘sides, winter is all very relative here. I think we’ll put a handful of small electric radiators. The utility bill is very low, might as well take advantage. 🙂

      • Like I said I will trade places with you any time! I am about to purchase 100 gallons of oil for $225 and that is not even half a tank.

      • I know. And when see yours (and other’s) pictures, I do realize how lucky we are. ‘matter of fact, after 10 days of cloudy cold, sun has come out again. Beautiful light. Been taking outside pictures near the new digs. Works well on the colonial colours.

    • That is soooo you. 🙂 No I did not. Unfortunately the place seems to be closed all the time. Thanks for your visit Julie. Always a pleasure. Look forward to the next installment of your mémoires. 🙂

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