A Paris promenade # 3


Le Pont des arts, last year. It has since improved a bit.


Street art: an ode to Marcel Duchamp…


La Danse by Carpeaux. Façade of the Opera-Garnier.


The door to the Musée de Cluny, a unique museum dedicated to the Middle Ages. And host to the tapestries of the Lady of the Unicorn.


Street emoticon: “No parking”.


Our Lady who art in Paris…


Saint-Germain des prés. An abbey, not a church, founded in the 6th century.


“Modern times”? A mural at Gare du Nord, the northern railway station.


La Tour Saint-Jacques. Seen from the Quai de Seine. The tower is the only remnant of a Gothic church built in the early 1500’s. Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) performed several experiments on Gravity from the top of the tower.


L‘Hotel de ville. The Mayor’s office…


Beaubourg, seen from the Place and Fontaine Stravinsky.


Fontaine Stravinsky, La Sirène, 1983,  sculpture by Niki de Saint-Phalle.


Dali-Inspired mural, Place Stravinsky, near Beaubourg. Strangely enough my blogger friend Theodora Brack posted the very same image on her blog some time back:

Paris Treats: The Ooey Gooey Edition

The Captain and crew thank you for flying with Equinoxio Airways, and have asked this charming young lady to wish you a wonderful and sunny week-end:


A lazy afternoon on the banks of the Seine.

22 thoughts on “A Paris promenade # 3

  1. Some images are quite interesting,
    La Danse seems to have been cut to pieces and then rebuilt.
    Nice artwork on the Cluny museum door, looks like metal but appears to be wooden nonetheless.
    Modern Times reminds of Charlie Chaplin’s movie.
    The mural in the background of Fontaine Stravinsky tells us not to make waves. 😉
    Therefore enjoy a lovely weekend. 🙂

    • 🙂 It is a photograph, printed on very high and wide canvass. 3-4 metres? Part of an exhibition on the banks of the Seine this summer. This one caught my eye. be good Kim.

  2. A museum dedicated to the Middle Ages? Why nobody told me there was one, I must visit! Is the conservatoire des arts et metiers still open? I could do a Middle-Age-to-Industrial-Revolution trip, it’d be great!
    Fabolous photos, thanks for this tour of Paris.

  3. Lovely Brian, I wish I’d seen the Fontaine Stravinsky and the Dali mural. Next time! I’m finally catching up on things after my trip Down Under, and nice to be reminded of our trip to Paris. Hope all’s god with you?

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