Pot-Pourri numéro vingt-trois


“Jouet de l’océan.” The ocean’s toy. Brittany 2013. Didn’t feel like sailing on this boat.


Mont-Blanc, the white mountain, 1989. One of the craziest things I have ever done. Climb Europe’s highest mountain. 4,810 metres. 15,780 ft for the non-metric trained.


Cable-car, on Powell St. San Francisco, 2016.


Little bunnies. At the American embassy, Conakry, Guinea, West Africa, c.1964. Little sister is on the left. Next to Pascale Bardet. Wonder where she is…


Mont-Blanc, 1989. Taking in the storm. My friend Roger Banks.


A simple rain gutter. Brittany, 2013.


The pyramids at Gizeh. c.1938.


Caution, elephant crossing. On the road, Tsavo, Kenya. c. 1968.


Mont-blanc. Going down. Where is the bloody path?


Car show, Port-Saïd, Egypt. c.1938. My aunt Gaud. Always the incarnation of elegance.


Mont-Blanc. A break during the storm. I am wondering whether this climb really was such a good idea.


“Don’t mess with me”. Tsavo, Kenya, c.1968.


Mont-Blanc. Tom Perrott. Is this the end? (My only friend?)

If you wish to know the whole story of our climb on Mont-Blanc, read “The white mountain”, here on Equinoxio:


Thank you for joining us on Equinoxio Airways. Until our next flight in Time and Space, have a lovely week-end.


22 thoughts on “Pot-Pourri numéro vingt-trois

  1. You climbed Mont Blanc eh? Well…*she said trying to think of something to top it* I climbed Everest all by myself and only took me 2 days. I have pictures. If I have time I’ll put them up, if not…
    I shall read the whole story later, but only to see if it’s similar to my own climb.
    Loved the pictures as ever.
    PS that is not a simple rain gutter?

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