Pot-pourri 22 “V´là les flics”


The swamp monster, Brittany.


Toltec warrior, at the site of Tula, Mexico. The city of Tula reached its peak around 900-1150 AD.


Miao Zedong has left us. A gift from from Daughter #1 to my parents 16 years ago, we took her in when my father died a few years ago. She was the only surviving cat of several my parents had over the years. She had no name besides “the little grey cat who is so nice”. She had a scratchy voice. So we christened her “Miao Zedong”. Though an old cat at 16, she still was very active, outside of her mandatory 20 hour sleep a day. Fell ill a few weeks ago. Nothing to do. Good-bye Chairwoman Miao.



The swamp monster above? Just a collector of salt in the “Marais salants” (salt pan) of Guérande, one Brittany’s most famous places of salt production or harvesting. The pan or swamp of salt water is divided into squares, allowing the sun to dry out the water leaving the salt at the surface. The workers who extract the salt and deposit it on the round circles (see the white patches in the centre?) are called “paludiers”.

7 2016-07-05 15.24.52.jpg

Lori’s diner is the point of entry to the Twilight Zone in San Francisco. Above: 2016. Below: 1959.

7 2016-07-05 15.24.52-A.jpg

8 S2014-07-24 15.24.52.jpg(cuest)o locale è (viet)ato (fotogra)fiare. Sienna, Italy, 2014. Photos prohibited. Oops. I only just realized. Scusi, scusi.

9 IMG_2410.JPG

Climbing Popocateptetl, the second highest mountain (volcano) in México. We took the “easy” route by Tres cruces. Easy, mountain wise, except for the wind blowing volcanic sand in our faces in the last part of the climb. And the altitude of course. Since all my photo albums are in crates pending our programmed house move next month, I have to resort to a mercenary photo of the mighty Popocatepetl mountain:


Source: http://www.amsterdamsaints.com

At that time the volcano was not active. One would spend the night at the refuge, start the climb at 4:00 AM and trek a relatively easy 7 hours climb on the left to the edge of the crater. Here is my own personal view from the top:

9 IMG_2411.JPG

5,500 metres, 17,800 feet high. (My highest on foot)  🙂 From the rock ledge on the left, one can look down below and see the small sand  crater inside the mountain, with a small sulfur lake in the middle. And fumes to the left. A few years later, the volcano went active. Can’t escalade the mountain anymore. Poisonous gases will kill you easily.

Thank you for climbing with Equinoxio.

30 thoughts on “Pot-pourri 22 “V´là les flics”

    • Thank you Jenny. I was wondering, car? what car? Of course, Lori’s diner. It is a masterpiece. And you like cars. And the volcano shots cost me a bit of blood, but well worth it. ‘specially because there were no pictures available of that view inside the crater, so it was a total surprise when we got to the top. have a lovely week-end, all four of you.

  1. My deepest condolences for Miao’s departure! 😦 Didn’t see it coming and I’m all tears now, reminds me of my beloved Child. Maybe now they’ll meet somewhere outside our reach…

    • Thank you Patti. It was a spectacular one to see when we arrived at the top after hours of facing the wind. I think I had volcanic sand between my teeth. And then this view… have a lovely week-end in the big apple.

    • Well, thank you Julia! I am honoured. Really. Have you solved some of the issues you mentioned or do you still want to mail about them? I hope you are adjusting nicely to the work, the people, patients, staff, colleagues… Take care.

  2. “Miao Zedong” ~ Wonderful name, Brian! What a lovely looking cat; very sweet indeed.
    Loved the ‘twilight zone’ reference; some things never change it seems.
    As for “climbing Popocateptetl, the second highest mountain (volcano) in México”~ definitely something I doubt I’ll ever do; though, the sights and the experience must have been fantastic! 🙂

  3. What a shock to see the dead pig’s head, taxidermy freaks me out, I have no idea why people do that.

    Gorgeous photos and journey you went on. I’ve been to Mexico several times and it’s got a lot of great hiking spots, love the ancient ruins the most.

    Snazzy 🚗 cars, and the cutest 🐱 cat.

    • Oh, I misread the part about the cat, sorry for your loss, as you say, she did have a long and good life, it’s difficult anyway, though; loss is still there even if the mind says things to try and make the loss less…

  4. Love your stunning view from above the crater. It’s so sad when our furry friends have to leave us, well, any kind of friends really. 😕 Miao was so pretty and had such gorgeous eyes. I see you don’t adhere to rules gladly, with the Porchetta pic. 🙂 One has to ask why ‘No Photos’? Surely it’s free advertising!

    • Thank you. The crater was… “ossom”. And for Miao. 🙂 Now rules…? I do follow rules. Most times. One has to know rules to break them. Consciously. In this particular case I hadn’t seen it. 😉 Only when I looked at the pic again to post did I realize. Ooops. Take care. Buona sera.

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