San Francisco: “I haven´t the foggiest…”


We were not quite prepared for July in San Francisco. We did bring wind-breakers which were quite useful, and a sweater, but SF can go from warm and sunny to cold and foggy in a minute. Above and below: 16th Avenue tiled steps. Quite unique and well worth the walk and climb from the Golden Gate Park. (The latter not even close to the Golden Gate bridge where Equinoxio will take you in a minute)

2016-07-07 13.29.28.jpg

Took a Uber from 16th Av. back to Haight St. (Thank God for technology)


Haight St is quite cool. “Groovy” I guess would be the appropriate word. It seems to have stopped sometime in the 60’s. Incense wades from the stores into the street. The music played anywhere in Frisco is THE best music ever (Pure 60’s!). Weird, Man. And street art, Man? Check it out.


Care center. Haight St.


I‘d already featured that particular shopwindow. Great eyes.


“Here be dragons…”

The bus driver who took us to Haight Street was an old black man with grizzled hair and moustache who sang every bus stop name a capella with a blues ring to it. “Gue-rrero St! Do-lores St! Church Stre-et!” Felt like singing back to him… 🙂


Wonder who the lady on the wall might be. I first thought Angela Davis, but on second look she could be Ella Fitzgerald?


6,500 homeless in San Francisco and counting. A major social issue. Politicos, as usual can’t seem to find a solution.


Near Mission and 19th st. Looking for a bookstore. Found many murals.


Deb’s Beauty Bar. 🙂


Forbes Island, near pier 39. Possibly the smallest island I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t mind buying it, but I understand real estate prices in Frisco are outrageous… Alcatraz is in the background to the left. I can very well imagine Humphrey Bogart having dinner on Forbes Island with Lauren Bacall.


Fisherman’s wharf would not be complete without a pack of sea-lions. I understand the Sea Lion Union had called for a strike but those were fast asleep when the announcement was made.

Now the big “adventure”. Take the bus line on Lombard (I think) to THE greatest bridge on Earth (what locals say), the Golden Gate Bridge. 3 miles long, almost 5 kilometres, it is a good two hours back and forth walk. Easy. Except for the fog.


And the Foooog:


Et le brouillard… Y la niebla…


And we crawled through the fog…


Until we reached Marin county, fifth highest income per capita in the US at US$91,410, also the home to the ill-famed Saint-Quentin prison. Are the two facts related? I don’t know. What counts is we walked the Golden Gate Bridge all the way and back. We didn’t see a thing, but we did it… 😉

Thank you for walking with Equinoxio Space-shuttle, through fog, wind and mist. And another special thanks to Jenny at Bulldog travels, for her San Francisco tips. Visit her at:

Y‘all have a great week, naw, ye hear?


60 thoughts on “San Francisco: “I haven´t the foggiest…”

  1. I was born in SF although I didn’t grow up there; my husband loves loves loves SF. I wanted to, I really did. It’s beautiful, the art museum fab, riding bikes in Golden Gate Park fab, and I was cold all the time. It was summer and I was cold all the time. We walked the bridge; walked from the financial district up and over the hill and down to the bay; walked and walked; found the street where we lived when I was a baby and the house (that was pretty cool) and I really really wanted to love San Francisco like my husband does. We went to a ballgame, ate garlic fries, and the wind was cold. But I saw the shipyards where my father once worked. I think there’s a high rise there now from what I’ve read. And I was cold. In the summer. We also wandered around City Lights bookstore on our way back from one of our long walks. And I have some great shots. Maybe, I’m suddenly realizing, I’m being stubborn about loving the city where I was born but didn’t get to grow up in…..

    • Why stubborn? SF has a unique charm of its own. I will go back gladly, with maybe more time to drive outside the city. (And oh, yes, City lights bookstore, wow!) Keep living that city and remember Mark Twain: “The worst winter I ever spent was in July in San Francisco”. take care my friend…

    • My pleasure. It is a nice street. A bit stuck in Hippie time, but it also leads you to the Park, the de Jong museum, which is fab, and 16th avenue tiled steps. 🙂 A good street. Be good.

  2. I agree…. We can be proud o unhappy about that, but they are part of ourselves….
    LOVE it Brian! It is funny but C. and I were just talking about visiting SF …I would love it… The golden gate has been on my list of must see for ages, since I was a child…But I am scared about earthquakes.. I know it is stupid but…
    I like very much this part of the city you showed here…It is not the most known and it is full of interest and flavour! Many thanks for sharing it!
    Have a good week!

    • Do visit, San Francisco is quite nice. Not as… large as one might think but definitely a place to go to. And walk and walk and climb steep streets. (Earthquakes? well, I live in Mexico, soooo… No fear.) And if you are going to go that far, set time away to drive out of SF, Yosemite, Napa valley, Sacramento… Bonita semana tbn.

  3. That’s one helluva fog, I tell ya! 🙂 Seen such thing around here a few times, but quite rarely.
    Otherwise it looks nice in the pictures, but – heck! – one can’t fell the cold by staring at a picture on a computer screen. 😉
    Those steps are really beautiful, I liked them the first time you showed them in some other post. I saw names of (presumably) some of the builders on some tiles and also ‘peace on earth’ inside a pink flower. Nice thought, if only it were embraced by everybody around the planet.

    In regard to the homeless and the writing “please stop using our driveway as your bathroom”, if I were one of those unfortunates I would’ve replied: “please offer us a decent alternative”. But the powers that be never offer people a decent alternative to slavery. 😦

  4. I remember buying a thick sheepskin jacket at Pier 39 on July 4th. It was freezing cold. We missed seeing the fireworks because of the fog, so quickly found a restaurant, before the hoards descended to eat. Interesting graffiti. I also think that is Ella rather than Angela.

  5. Yeah, people who still think for themselves know how things work on this planet. 😐

    Sorry for the typo – I meant “one can’t feel the cold […]” but I’m so careless lately and vision got as foggy as the bridge in your pictures. ^^’

  6. I dunno if I agree with Ella, there’s someone on the tip of my tongue but can’t quite access the name…the artwork generally though is amazing.
    And of course until you start peeing in a politico’s driveway there will be no solution offered.
    Me…and no doubt the other 4 editors… (I’m going to be running with that for a while, you do understand) have an official complaint. There was not enough sea lion footage. We want our money back!

  7. Pingback: 3 Things, and More Thoughts! – lovehappinessandpeace

    • Thank you. Hope yours was good. Yes the walk in the fog, was almost SF. Add to that the horns of the ships sailing under the bridge… I took a video of the fog and the horns blaring down below. I wonder if it can be posted on WP. ?

    • Agree about the sea lions. And I’m sure they won’t be on strike either. Actually what I would like is to plan a longer (road)trip in California. My first one, SF to San Diego and back was not my favourite memory (hours in a car is hell for any child) but I would like to take the coast road (manes de Hitchcock) and go up north. 🙂

    • Oh, and I’ve been meaning to ask. (So many things to do, so little time. I wish I could spend a day browsing your blog) You mention your Memoir. Do you have it published in any Electronic form? That way I could read it sequentially instead of bits and pieces… 🙂

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