Pot-pourri 3 x 7 =


“¡Tierra y libertad!” (Land and freedom) Emiliano Zapata, one the leaders of the Mexican Revolution, 1910. Tlalpan, Mexico city.


LA Seine. THE river. (What? I’m partial? Yeah. So?)



The dark side, Camden Town, London, 2014.


Toulouse Lautrec revisited. Mexico city, 2016.


Detail, “Delight your senses”.


I thought the dancer was “la Goulue”, but it’s Jane Avril (1868-1943). See below:


Jeanne Beaudon, Aka Jane Avril.


Breakfast starting at 60 pesos. (3 dollars). Tlapan, Mexico city. Three blocks from the new house.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABerlin, 2003. Monument to the Holocaust.


The new and the old. Mexico city.


Milan 2014. On the stairs to the top of the Cathedral.


Guinea, West Africa. C.1964. Sis’ at the helm of Avel Mor II (Sea wind in Breton). Full throttle.


Thank you for sailing with Equinoxio. Until next time, fair winds.

The usual (c) and all that, except for Jane Avril. (Not a clue)

50 thoughts on “Pot-pourri 3 x 7 =

      • Have been there and back, and actually nowhere near Sherwood. Seen lots of rugged Derbyshire stone walls, and dramatic scarps and moors. And yes, it was peaceful – mostly, though we are cursed with too much road traffic – to which we were of course adding ourselves.

      • It’s amazing just how much countryside there is – most of Wales, much of Scotland, which is gobsmackingly beautiful with many vast wilderness areas, and that’s before one’s thought of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Derbyshire Peak District, Northumberland, the West Country and Shropshire, or the islands north, west and south. Some parts are definitely like Normandy. So yes, do it. Give yourself a few months though. We even have good food about the place, albeit sporadically, though never as good as France.

      • You confirm my darkest fears. I had thought of a few months indeed. So many places to go. I understand there is a lovely walk along the cliffs in Cornwalls that takes days. But how much food should one pack? 😉 Kwaheri sassa Memsahib.

    • Selamat malam Indah. Glad you liked it. Back home in Mexico. Trying to sort loads of pictures. 🙂 And preparing to move into the new house south of the city in one month. (OMG). You getting ready for winter?

  1. Semaine un peu compliquée, ça arrive parfois. . . J’ai toujours su m’évader, et, c’est nouveau pour moi, je plonge dans tes univers : j’aime ça ! Many thanx and take care.

    • Haha! Sort of. I am fortunate enough to have (family) photos going back to the 19th century (in India) plus 20th century spanning a good bit of the globe. (You have roamed a bit). And 95% is digitalized and sorted. Hence my pot-pourri series, where I grab a picture from here or then. Glad you liked them. How’s the book going?

  2. Great!!!! I really really like the first mural…It is absolutely incredible… It reminds me the “Realismo mágico” … Artists from South America have an inner world full of magic and passion!
    Have a great weekend Brian!
    BTW: you looked very handsome when a child! 😉

    • Murals here are “ossom”! In Colombia too. But I think it has already developed into strong form of art. (See my last San Francisco post today) There is great talent out there. (Y Gracias!) 😉

    • Italy is… so rich in beauty, one does not know where to start, but Milan’s cathedral is from another world. Going up and down the stairs, everything is… beauty. Really worth it. An interesting choice, “Monique”.

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