Pot-pourri numéro vingt, zwanzig, veinte, twenty and so forth…

1 2016-07-05 18.16.23-A

Hello, hello! The frog is back. I missed you all. Unlike some of my E-friends (how do you do it?) I just can’t combine traveling and posting. I need to find a better system. Meantime, here is the 20th edition of Pot-pourri. The above? Chinatown, San Francisco, last July. Om mani padme and all that.

2 2016-04-23 14.23.34

“What is taking her so long?” Tlalpan, Mexico city, near the new “digs”.

3 2015-07-10 14.23.52

Where? Where? London, last year.


Maurice the monkey, resthouse on the Amazon, Peruvian side, 2006

5 2015-12-26 16.13.49

Offcors? Of course! Casual wear apparel brand. Bogotá, Colombia. c.2014.

6 2016-05-08 17.18.14

Dainty colonial church, Mexico city. 2016. (Oh? Nobody cares about the dates, right?)

7 S2014-07-24 16.09.14

The massacre of the Innocents. Church floor, Sienna. Mid 1400’s.

8 2016-05-16 11.27.07

At the corner of Gutenberg and Shakespeare. Mexico city. In that area (Polanco-Anzures), all streets bear the names of famous writers, philosophers, scientists. In some poetic disarray, Tennyson is two blocks away from Musset, Edgar Allan Poe runs parallel to Calderón de la Barca (Toda la vida es sueño…) Dickens crosses Molière. George Bernard Shaw lies between the Cuban embassy and Socrates Street. If poetry is the hapchance meeting of two words that had never crossed path before, those are poetic streets indeed.


Das Brandenburger Tor, Berlin. 

The Brandenburg Gate. A place charged with History, cliché as it may sound. The French Embassy is to the right. If you turn around you can walk on Unter den linden, another poetic street name… Under the linden trees. Sous les tilleuls. Berlin is a strange city. Now peaceful after so much war.

10 2016-07-05 18.50.45

The streets of San Francisco. (And the beat goes on…)


Crocodile “hunting”, Amazon river, 2006

Breathe normally oh my animal lover friends. The crocodile is later released unharmed into the waters of the Amazon. This is a somewhat silly tourist trap, small boats running on the river at night, looking for small Jacarés, crocodiles. They lie in the shallow waters by the banks. They are spotted by their shiny eyes in the night. The boat “skipper” approaches slowly and grabs the crocodile with both hands, one on the body, one on the snout, for the tourists to hold. As you can see from the band aid on the man’s right hand, crocs sometimes get a good bite. 🙂

12 kn52-12

In Ayah’s arms, or shoulders rather. Karachi, Pakistan, 1954. Above and below.

13 kn52-09-10

Lovely to fly with you on Equinoxio again. A lovely week-end to all.

83 thoughts on “Pot-pourri numéro vingt, zwanzig, veinte, twenty and so forth…

  1. Crocs eat people when they get big….now I have how much is that doggie in the window in my head….so cute. Glad you made it back, how was the France trip, as you remembered? I hope you had the croissant for me, you’ve been missed. Welcome back Brian😊💜

    • Hehe! Hi Alison. Glad you liked the dog. I found it very cute when I took the picture. (And I remembered my days in advertising when we knew that adding a pet increased the ad’s impact) How have you been? (Just got back from a month in Paris!) 🙂

      • Dogs always make me happy. How was Paris? “She” still hug you like a mamma? I’m good. Aging parents is hard but obviously a part of living. Great to hear from you!

  2. I’m a sucker for old photos. Guess I still hope that through some miracle I’d get drawn inside by one of those, to some good ol’ times that I may have never lived and that surely won’t ever come back.

    Good pot-pourri altogether, nice to have you back. 🙂 Maurice, get down like right now! 😀

  3. Hi Brian – I can’t post when I’m traveling, either. I don’t bring the laptop along, and I have no patience for typing on a mobile device. Fabulous potpourri, as usual. So you live on the same colorful street at the doggie?

    • Hi Julie. I do bring my laptop, old habits of when I had a company to run, but next time I will just take the Ipad. I tested it this time for bank transfers, and it works fine. We just bought a house three blocks away from doggie. All in shambles and complete workover. Planning to move end of october. 🙂 You just made think about Angers. A couple of years ago, I was thinking of buying something in Nantes. 🙂 How’s the fall in “Prague”? I wonder what the light is like. A bientôt.

    • Hello, Hello Monica. 🙂 How was your summer? Do you still have a few days of vacations. What did you do? It’s nice to be back in touch. (The last photos? It now feels like a totally different time-space universe. Another world) Pe mai tarziu.

      • My summer was full, Brian. I was to the mountains, first with my mother and then with my father. I had fun with my friends and also I had a one month summer job. And I was permanently in touch with my BFF Catalina from London, thru Facebook.
        Take care, dear friend ❤

      • Will do my best. 😉 I’m so glad about your summer. You did lots of things. And a summer job is marvelous! Afterwards, it is YOUR money. You earned it. It’s like a sense of freedom isn’t it? And the mountains look nice. I imagine your father will start looking for a job now? Don’t think you can do much in the summer?

      • They were my money. You know the saying: Easy come, easy go. :))
        Thank you for your words, Brian 🙂
        My father has started to look for a job from the moment he lost the last one. But, still nothing. I hope Fall will be better than Summer.
        xoxo ❤

      • Haha! Love it! Easy come easy go. Perfect my dear. Money is just that. 🙂
        As we mentioned before, summer is quite slow for jobs anywhere. I’m sure Fall will be better. 🙂

      • Welcome back to school Monica. I know it can be a drag, but you will see old friends (or ennemies) hopefully learn a few new things. Have a different French teacher. Who knows? Since it’s almost night over there I hope your day went well. Ciao.

      • Hi Brian 🙂
        Sorry for my belated answer. My first day at school was ok. In fact, all week was OK. Now that it started does not seem so ugly :))

      • Good. School shouldn’t be that bad. Or feel that bad. If that is the case, it means you have bad teachers. And you need to look forward to College. When are you supposed to finish high school?

      • Still time to change your mind. Psychology is very interesting. Studied a bit of freud and used psychology a lot in my work. The advantage is that there will always be work given the quantity of crazies running around. ;=)

    • Thank you Col. Glad you enjoyed the tour. How’s your happy little family? You guys are going towards summer right? (As we sink deeper everyday into rain and misery, hehe!!) 😉

      • As usual with families, we drift from one mini-crisis to the next …
        Spring here means lots of wind (and I mean of the knock-you-flat rather than the flatulent kind).

      • I can imagine. The Amsterdam front-wind wind in the winter, that had me pedalling on my bike and moving forward an inch. Be good.
        (WP tells me pedalling is a gallicism. But I’ll leave it at that.)

      • Thank you for clarifying. I don’t know why I find it more difficult to separate British english from American english. Sometimes I could swear my word/spelling is correct but WP (American) corrector tells me the word is wrong. So I then wonder if it could be a Gallicism. 😉 Be good, Col.

  4. I am particularly drawn to the images of the crocodile (crazy for crocs) and the picture of you with Ayah! Glad to see you posting again and glad to have internet finally to be able to read/see what you are posting.

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