Pot-pourri number nine*. Number nine**…



‘Don’t know about you guys, but to me every post is a challenge. A compelling urge to do something different. Tell a different story. Not easy. Though the “pot-pourri” concept has helped me in that respect. Variety is the mother of difference. I hope. 🙂 The above street art is coming down the stairs from Montmartre. Amélie Poulain’s grocery store is only a few blocks away.

0-ka10Karachi, Pakistan. c.1950.


A rainy day in Paris. (What else is new?) Notre-Dame in the background. My beloved book-boxes in the foreground.


The vineyard at Montmartre. The vineyard is as old as 944 AD. Wine is still produced every year, sold at auction for charity. Never tasted it. Some say it is a bit “green”. 🙂 But you know Parisians. 😉

2013 Paris 246-A

This is not a hat. Outside the Magritte museum. Brussels 2013. 

2014-10-16 11.51.02

Street art somewhere. Bogotá?

adc2015-05-17 10.32.09

DC swings. Washington DC…

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52 thoughts on “Pot-pourri number nine*. Number nine**…

    • Thank you “Trisha”. Just got back. Re-blogged an old post. And don’t think I’ve forgotten, you are close on my list. Just need to take care of a few problems here and I’m on it. Love.

    • Hello, hello! So good to hear from you, i’ve been wanting to ask you how things are going with your daughter? Are you in the US, now? (It was August, wasn’t it?)
      Writing is at a standstill. When in Paris, I am in Paris, I don’t write. 😉

      • I like your Parisian motto 🙂 We have got a baby girl Leila, but my daughter became very unwell five days after giving birth. She has been in the hospital twice, and we still live in fear. She has got postpartum preeclampsia. How are you guys doing?

      • Congratulations on Baby Leila! Sorry about the preclampsia. I understand it is not to be taken lightly, but I believe your daughter will be all right with good attention. (Here, baby Gonzalo is 3 months old, already laughing his heart out. very nice) Bets wishes to all.

      • Thank you! Yes, she is improving, her test results are getting better.
        How fast the time is flying! Three months, lovely baby Gonzalo is sharing his smiles and giggles 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

      • Yes, she was released, and I will be there another three weeks. Her heart rate was 35/min, now it is 45. Scared us all she did. My former coworker died from misdiagnosed eclampsia.

      • Good Lord! Good that you can stay for another there weeks. Must have been very scary.
        And 45 is still low, but much better anyway. I imagine she has frequent check-ups to do
        with the doctor or the hospital?

      • Yes, she had got all possible tests starting with CT and ECG and Echo cardiogram. She is off the blood pressure drug from today, so we will see how it goes. Gave us all a scare.

      • Yes I can imagine. I just talked to my daughter, the doctor about your daughter’s case. Alexandra said your daughter should be all right. She asked if she was diabetic?

      • She was neither diabetic, nor overweight, and never had hypertension. It is a rare condition for postpartum, and it sometimes starts a month after giving birth. If her heart rate didn’t drop to 35, she wouldn’t know that something was wrong with her until it would be too late. When she went to emergency, her blood test was already showing the condition. Just lucky.

      • Yes, at least it was treated immediately. And though I imagine recovery may be a slow process, i hope every day sees a little improvement. Take care all of you. 🙂

  1. Welcome back, mon ami. It’s been quiet and boring without you around. And for me it’s also been sad: my little furry friend – Mr. PAM, my Child, as I used to call him – is dead, killed in the street almost a month ago, July 31st, the exact day when we should’ve celebrated one year together. 😦 Sorry for the bad news. There are videos of him on my blog (hosted on Vimeo), in the sidebar below his picture, if you ever wanna watch.

    Take care!

    • Hi Dragos. I am so, so sorry. It is always heartbreaking. Especially for a cat so young. I really sympathize with you. I will look at the videos. Good to be back in touch, though. Hug.

      • Thank you for watching!

        When I found him in the garden he was about six months old according to a friend of mine; I can’t appreciate age even in humans. First video on the list was shot a couple weeks after that on August 13, 2015. If anyone knows better please do tell.

        Indeed he was very playful as a kitten. In time he got accustomed to the (few) rules of the house, started going out for hours – maybe he even got a family of his own somewhere, who knows.

        I miss him like crazy, my life seems empty and pointless now. 😦 Thank you for bearing with me, I really appreciate it. Say hello to Miao for me, OK? 🙂

      • I just did. Say hell to Miao. She opened an eye, and went back to sleep. 🙂 Cats are wanderers, and yet they get along well with humans. It is also touching that he “came” to you, since you found him in the garden. And it must make a biiiiig hole in your life. Chin up, my friend. Remember you have lots of friends across the world. (And if it becomes unbearable, go to the nearest shelter and adopt a kitty. There are always many available for adoption). Take care Dragos.

      • The story of finding him is a bit strange but I’m already way off-topic. Amd it still hurts so much.
        Thank you for being one of those friends across the world, Brieuc!

      • Almost. 🙂
        Just one different letter (not counting the ă).
        It’s ‘Cu plăcere’, where ‘plăcere’ seems to be a combination of French ‘plaisir’ and Italian ‘piacere’.
        Pronounce ‘pluh-‘, not ‘pla-‘.
        That’s all. 🙂

      • See? I am making progress. Thanks for correcting. Additionally, with all your funny accents, I can recognize some of the words but I have no idea about the pronunciation.

      • You’re most welcome, I’m glad to help any way I can. 🙂

        The pronounciation is extremely simple, just like in italian: one letter – one sound. The only problem is those accents – as you call them – are actually different letters which sound differently than the similar non-accented ones. That is why the “simplified” writing that unfortunately can still be found extensively not only on the web but also in real documents – even official ones – can be very misleading for a foreign person trying to learn our spoken language.

        I remember I’ve already given you samples of how those special letters sound like but I can do it again, no big deal. Here we go:
        Ă ă ➡ ‘uh’
        Î î Â â ➡ ‘ugh’
        Ş ş ➡ ‘sh’
        Ţ ţ ➡ ‘tz’

        Maybe there’s some online dictionary that can offer sound samples, although I’ve only found souch thing for Japanese (because that’s what I needed). Try searching the web and if not maybe you’ll find some Romanian movie. 🙂

      • Yep, that’s right – same as my nickname for an englishman (in New York, San Francisco or elsewhere in the world). 😀

        Good luck at “school”! 😉

  2. I somehow missed this potpourri. Even though they are a challenge for you, they are always a delight for your readers. Love the Magritte photo: Ceci n’est pas un Brian. 😉

    • Haha! Trés bon, Julie. I had not thought about that, though I did sense there was something in the reflection I just couldn’t quite grasp. You did. Actually my greatest challenge is to “sort” the photos when I go on a trip. I’m now working on the San Francisco folder. Checking most pictures, cropping, editing a bit, and making a mental note “hey, might use this one”. Once the folders are done, I just pick here and there. That and the writing takes a couple of hours. Your posts I am sure take much more time writing.

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