To be or not be… To remain or…

1 2015-07-07 12.41.29

Folly and ignorance, the common curse of mankind. Old Billy Shakespeare wrote those words four centuries ago (plus change). With a goose feather most likely. Looks like we have not progressed one bit. Cynical politicians (Oh. Is that a redundancy?) have launched a massive propaganda for Britain to leave the European Union. Brexit. As in F.O.L.L.Y. That word comes from the French “Follie”, madness. On the 23rd, “Britland” will decide whether to leave or REMAIN. Past few months polls oscillate (waver?) around 50/50, the flipping of a coin. The UK is the third country in terms of visits to this blog. This post is dedicated to my many British friends and relations, AND in favour of REMAIN. The above picture was taken near Buckingham. “Here was a Royal fellowship.”

2 2015-07-07 16.12.49

“London beach.” No palm trees, Mate. Waiting for global warming.

3 2015-07-07 13.40.08

A Horseguard(ess) with no horse.

4 2015-07-07 13.52.36

Phone booth. Abandoned or nearly so. I suggest to BT (British Telecoms) to put expresso machines in every one. A farthing a cup. Oh? Farthings have been withdrawn in 1961? Stiff upper lip old chap.

5 2015-07-08 12.31.44

The London Underground opened in 1863. The first in the world. Bl..dy Brits beat us again. And by far. The Paris metro was built in 1900.

6 2015-07-07 19.12.01

Jo Cox, the Labour MP murdered last week lived in a similar barge in Whapping. Requiescat in pace.

7 2015-07-07 14.34.36

This city now doth, like a garment wear,

The beauty of the morning, silent, bare.

(Wordsworth, near Westminster bridge)

9 2015-07-07 18.18.00

The London bridge, on a beautiful London summer morning… 😉

10 2015-07-08 18.57.33

This one is for Tiffany at:

A word of advice to my Brit friends: if you leave (God forbid) you will starve. You have no cuisine to speak of… 🙂

11 2015-07-08 19.04.09

Is Brexit a disguised “coup d’état”? Do Brexit supporters realize that English would loose 60% of its vocabulary? What? What? Of course, you would not be allowed to use any word of French origin. 🙂 (Tongue in cheek)

13 2015-07-11 16.08.27

Camden Town.

15 2015-07-11 11.58.57

Say “cheese”. And REMAIN. Camden Town.

16 2015-07-09 20.47.39

Respectfully submitted in favour of REMAIN, yours truly, the Bloody French.

31 thoughts on “To be or not be… To remain or…

  1. We are indeed living interesting transitional times .. Britexit, Trump, French debandade … Il n’y a rien de constant si ce n’est le changement, disait Buddha. Je crois quand Même aux ultimes sursauts de raison

    • La débandade Française? C’est parfaitement ça. Chaque jour ajoute une pièce de plus au désastre… Mais, oui, croyons en Voltaire… La famille Attila va bien? As-tu déjà choisi ta robe?

      • Je commence a avoir une idee de ce que je veux disons 😉 Mais je viens de commencer une formation de 200h de prof de yoga, donc je me focalise la dessus en priorite. J’ai repere quelques endroits sympas pour un mariage un peu champetre pres de Fontainebleau, que je dois contacter des qu’on est dans le coin. C est assez frustant de tout faire online 😛
        Et avec l actu des greves et autres innondations, je ne te cache pas que ca a un peu calme mes ardeurs 😉 Un ami francais qui vit ici a meme raccourci ses vacances en France pour cause de sinistrose contagieuse. Du coup nous meme avons un moment considere tout faire aux Philippines, qui nous aime nous suive ! Mais la ce serait un mariage un chouya trop intimiste peut etre..
        Je me remets serieusement dans les preparatifs cet automne, toute zen apres mon training …

      • Getting there, getting there 🙏🏻 pas du tout aussi fastoche que ça en a l’air . Cette semaine on doit mettre en pratique Le Satya -speaking the truth, et par extension no gossip. Inutile de te dire que Je parle beaucoup moins, du coup

    • Haha! Remember India was the battlefield of that “bonding” for a while. The French claiming India as theirs, with battles and battles until the English kicked Dupleix out in 1754… No-one comes out unharmed of this “bonding”. 😉

  2. check out your page in and let me know if you want some change, otherwise that will go to the contributor’s gallery of the magazine too 😉


    • very good. 🙂 Nice introduction. Two things: my (complicated) surname is Martin-Onraet not Onraet Martin; now how can I find the page? Or… is the issue not being released until july 17th? 🙂

  3. Folly indeed Brian. As someone said, this referendum was pushed through by a weak political party and Prime Minister scared witless by the rise of a fear mongering and hateful nationalistic UKIP (a large number of whom are just out and out racist). It has been a terrible distraction from real problems, and has created an environment in which hate and racism have become part of the political and social discourse. Truly awful. 24 hours to go, but regardless of the outcome things will never be the same.

    • How stupid is it to promote a referendum when you are opposed to the outcome? I mean really. Idiot PM should never have proposed it. Politics 101. A shame really. We will all be hanging at the cliff’s edge by our fingernails until tomorrow night. Let’s hope for the best. Cheers my friend.

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