Pot-pourri six fois trois dix-huit


My last two posts, “The black Queen”, and “1916. The bride wore black” were a tad dark. So I thought this Pot-Pourri # 18 might add some colour. Above: Notre-Dame. Without flood.

2 2015-07-11 13.54.03-A

I felt relieved after seeing this solicitor’s advertisement in London.

3 2016-04-16 16.24.52

Street art, Mexico city. Probably did not have the right solicitor.

4 m851

Metro station, Palais Royal, Paris.

5 M2014-07-20 13.57.12

Above and below: the Cathedral in Milan. The wealth of details is overwhelming.

5 M2014-07-20 14.07.08-A

6 2016-03-20 13.51.50

In the garden, Mexico city. This little bird was down on the floor, panting. I locked up Miao Zedong, our cat, and tried to give it a bit of water. No dice. Then as I tried to pick it up, it flew up to a branch. I guess it was all right eventually.

7 2015-07-12 13.38.45

Street art, Camden Town, London. I didn’t know about Camden until I saw a post by my friend Tiffany Choong. Visit her blog:


Camden Town is a great place in London. Lots of street art, events. I will do a special Camden Town post. Some day. πŸ™‚

7 2015-07-12 13.59.42

The Mad Hatter and the Rabbit, Camden town.


Maillol statue, Tuileries gardens, Paris.

9 2016-04-16 16.25.26

Street art in Tlalpan, Mexico city.

10 M Concorde

“No-one should be persecuted for his/her opinions, including religious, as long as their manifestations do not interfere with the public order established by law.”Β Universal declaration of the rights of Man and Citizen, 1789. Concorde metro station Paris.

11 2015-07-12 14.11.26

Street art, Camden Town.

14 Ismalia03

Above and below: Suez Canal, IsmaΓ―lia, Egypt. c. 1928. On the steps of the house. L. to r. my grandmother, Julie (so “fashion”), my grandfather, Pierre, my father Cyril, about 10, and my aunt Gaud, dressed to the nines and sulking as any self-respecting teenager sometimes does. πŸ˜‰

14 Ismalia03a-nb

The Captain and crew wish to extend you their most heartfelt thanks for flying with Equinoxio. Have a lovely week-end.

All text and pix: the ususal (c)

51 thoughts on “Pot-pourri six fois trois dix-huit

    • Yes. Thru time. This photograph was in one of my cousins archives. I’d never seen it until just a few years ago. πŸ™‚ My father was from 1918. He would have been 100 in two years. That picture is almost a century old. πŸ™‚

      • The Camden here is not so nice anymore. There is some great history on the city. For may years it has been on the decline and all negtive things were on the rise. Over the last couple years the state and community have been working on bringing it back.

    • Thank you Susan. I find those images quite “poignant”. My Dad and his family were there, sitting on the stairs of a house in Egypt, almost a century ago. And Pffff! Gone. πŸ™‚
      Have a lovely week my friend. (And good books)

    • Thank you. It seems the pot-pourri process is working well. Both in terms of reception and production. As for the latter, I now pick photos from different files, times, places, and see if it combines. πŸ™‚

      • Haha! ’bout the 50 klicks we did not really have any say-so in the matter. Army you know.
        90 kms “run”. OMG. Daughter #2 the one graduating at Elliot last year? She ran – and trained – for the Chicago Marathon a few years back.
        Finished all right. But she says she could barely crawl for a week afterwards… πŸ™‚

    • Merci Julie. πŸ™‚ There is order in my apparent Chaos. (FranΓ§ais, CartΓ©sien, etc.) I preselect photos from different times and places and dump them into a folder and let it sit. Then when I’m ready to post, I move a dozen pix to another folder. Need to be: different subjects, places, time-machine, variety is what I look for in my “mΓ©lange”. Bon weeek-end my friend. ‘Best to Hubby.

    • Thank you Patti. Julie Riso, la Vagabonde asked me if just closed my eyes and picked photos at random. πŸ™‚ You confirm there is some order in that Chaos. πŸ™‚

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