Around Orsay


The Orsay Museum or “Orsay”, definitely figures in the World’s top five museums (Musea?). A project launched by President Giscard d’Estaing, it was finished by Mitterrand. Probably the latter’s single most important achievement. Orsay has the largest collection of Impressionist painters. (Yeah! We beat the Met!). Housed in a former railway station, it is a must in any trip to Paris. Now, if the queue is long, you can still walk “around Orsay”. And enjoy the surroundings.


Right behind the Museum are those statues by Bourdelle, a contemporary of Rodin, though of not so much fame. L. to r. “La victoire” (Victory. This one is for my friend Victo Dolore) and “La force de volonté” (The strength of willpower).


La Victoire. Detail.


Victory. Again. And always. 😉


When we were in Paris, I wanted to live in a “péniche”.


No. Not the Captain.


South America. Above and below.


Note: “Arjentina” with a J.


North America: Washington, Lafayette (who lent a hand) Franklin and Jefferson. The latter has his statue across the street, by the Seine. I seem to have misplaced the photo. Will look for it. Otherwise I will have to go back to Paris. 🙂

2015-08-06 12.04.42

Napoléon, Premier Consul. On the façade of the Museum of the Legion of Honour, the maximum decoration in France, created by Napoleon. The Museum faces Orsay.


Asian Rhinoceros on Orsay’s explanade. Almost extinct now. Too soon, only this – and a few other – statues will keep the memory.


Above and below: Pont Alexandre III. The most impressive bridge in Paris… Not exactly Orsay, but within walking distance.


2015-08-06 12.09.35

Le Grand Palais, in the background.

2015-08-06 12.16.07

Orsay from the right bank. And, last but not least: The river, my river, the Seine:

2015-08-06 12.39.00

Thank you for walking with Equinoxio. A lovely week to all passengers.


52 thoughts on “Around Orsay

  1. Thanks for offering the walk 🙂 Can’t believe I nver visited Orsay… But I knw the Taj Mahal like the back of my hand! Ahh, the expat life … Lovely and sunny week to you too!

      • Hehehehe, typical 😉 On a fait les Bus qui font le tour des monuments parisiens le mois passe, et de toute la famille, c est certainement moi qui ai le plus appris x

      • Super. Ça évite de marcher trop longtemps avec des enfants petits qui se fatiguent vite, et comme ça eux aussi apprennent. (Je me rappelle encore des wagons en bois dans le métro!) (OMG)

      • Hehehehe, les wagons en bois! Moi je me souviens encore des bus ouverts derriere, et des 1ere classe dans le metro 😛
        A l’epoque, on avait du gout Mossieur! Pas forcement le sens de la securite et de la rentabilite, mais du gout!

      • Les bus ouverts derriére? Comme dans les films de de Funés? Impossible. Tu es trop jeune. 🙂 La première classe je me rappelle aussi. Chais plus quand ça a été supprimé? Les années 80? (Quand à la sécurité, on tue le goût de l’aventure…) 😦

      • hehehehe, j’adore cette derniere phrase 😀 No risk, no fun!
        Le fameux Renault SC 10 (admire mes lettres!) roulait encore quand j’avais 3 ans 😉 Et je me souviens meme en avoir vu des recycles au Cambodge …Ils etaient jolis ces bus, non?

  2. A nice collection! Thanks for posting!

    And Victory, Always, to Everybody! 🙂

    The statue of the nymph on the fish is really graphic! I hope that it not supposed to represent Cupid, with the Trident and all!

    Very much liked the Boats with the Greenery/Plants, and the ‘Bus’ shaped Boat! Beautiful!

    Regards. 🙂

  3. I love the musee d’Orsay. However, I didn’t take the time to look around outside the building when I visited. Maybe because it was January and I was too busy shivering.

    • January is shivering month… 🙂 Now, when I’m in Paris, I generally walk or go to the Seine in various “contact” points, Saint-Michel is one. Orsay is another. 🙂

      • I have been good. Had a really nice Memorial Day Weekend. Back to work which has been busy and hard but good. It has not left me the time or energy to blog but I promise I will be getting to it soon.

    • Orsay is a definite must. Marmottan is another. Picasso too. 🙂 I have a recommended programme for friends stored somewhere. Remind me to send it to you. Is your mail on your gravatar?

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