Pot-pourri numéro dix-sept.

I thought I would try something different for this 17th pot-pourri. One picture (or two=, one city. One spot in time.0-bsl 1-03

Brussels. 2010. A tribute to Belgian comics.


Lake Hannington-Baringo, Kenya. c.1969. Apart from being home to one of the world’s largest colonies of flamingos, the place also has geysers. To the left. Flaming hot.


Chenonceaux castle, on the Loire valley

Plus mon petit Liré que le mont Palatin

Et plus que l’air marin, la douceur angevine (Du Bellay)

(Rather my small Liré – a small hill near the Loire – than the Palatine hill – on which the Roman Senate is built.

And more than the sea breeze, the softness of Angers. Said softness is really a permanent drizzle)


Karachi, Pakistan. c.1950. My parents, Cyril and Renée. In their “salad days, when they were green in judgement”. 😉


Piré-sur-Seiche, Brittany

Piré-sur-Seiche is a – very – small town in Brittany, near Vitré. My grandfather was born there. Then went on to Rennes, the “big city”, and WWI. The monument to the fallen of WWI is practically a family property. Almost the entire left side is full of relations of mine.

0-ppa 56 (2)

Phnomh-Penh, Cambodia. c.1956. With my little sister, Gaëlle.


Saint-Brieuc, a little town in Brittany, just near Saint-Malo the corsair city

That is where I draw my – real – and unpronounceable name from. 🙂


Le Timbre-Poste, Paris.

“The stamp”, my brother Richard’s favourite hang-out, near the flea-market where he has his stand.


Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia. c.1970. Last year of High School. The annual sports event. The Angel jump looks impressive, but not so difficult. Training is key as usual. What we didn’t count on, though, was the pouring rain… I nearly lost my footing on the jump board. 🙂


Amsterdam 2010

To me Amsterdam, where we lived for 3 years in between two African posts, was the learning of freedom. Riding everywhere, with no grown-ups, on my bike. Come rain, sleet or drizzle. 🙂


Ethiopia. c.1972. Near Lake Awassa.


Hannah Arendt Street, Berlin. 2010.

Hannah Arendt, one of the greatest philosophers of all time now has a street in Berlin. Only fair. Read the “condition of modern man” amongst others. One my favourite thoughts from her: “Every newborn child has to re-invent the world in his/her own way”.


Sailing to the islands of Loos. Off the coast of Guinea, West africa. c. 1961.

Thank you for sailing with Equinoxio.

This 17th Pot-pourri is dedicated to Monica, who turned 17 today. Happy birthday Monica. Let your dreams lead you always. Visit Monica’s blog at:


Have a great week-end y’all.


43 thoughts on “Pot-pourri numéro dix-sept.

  1. Beautiful picture with your parents, Brian 🙂 I loved it!
    And, wow, you and Gaelle are so cute and innocent ❤
    And, wow again, when I saw the dedication to me :))
    I have no words to thank you, Brian ❤
    Have a nice weekend, too!

    • HA is worth the read. You recognized me? 🙂 In the last picture? That is a gem. After I scanned all my parents’ prints, I set off to double check the negatives. This one had never been printed. I must have been 6 or 7. I still remember the feel of the sea, and the not-so distant islands. Bjo

  2. Belgian comics are well known in Europe – I don’t know about the USA. A very recognizable mural. So many special photographs in this post – your parents look so cute, one can see where your artistic spirit comes from. You and your sister are the happiest babies, much loved. So, it is Brieuc! Great photographs, great memories!

    • Thank you Julie. In hindsight, what was “normal” to me, sailing to high sea and the Treasure island, was… unusual. But you could well conjure up several pot-pourris of your own experiences… Actually you do. In writing. Be good.

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