Pot-pourri 4 square. Colombia

2015-12-22 13.02.13

At a comic-themed restaurant. Bogotá, Colombia.

2015-12-23 11.25.09.jpg



Street art, Bogotá.

2015-12-22 12.59.51

Tintin. Same restaurant.

2015-12-24 11.15.07

Street art, Bogotá. The “sly” is the limit.

2015-12-26 09.01.35

Monumento a los heroes. The monument to the heroes of independence. Bogotá.

2015-12-26 09.02.48

Same. With a tag, not street art. 😦

2015-12-24 10.40.56

That is street art. “Every drug, including television, has its risks.” 

2015-12-22 14.08.28

Batmobile. Same place, same time.

2015-12-24 16.20.35

S.A. Bogotá.

2015-12-30 08.49.20

My in-laws’ family home in the interior of Colombia.

2015-12-31 12.34.19

Traditional saddle of a long-defunct horse. Note the charging I-Phone inside the stirrup.

2015-12-26 16.09.45

Absolutely no parking. Offenders will be towed.

2015-12-31 20.23.20

“Año viejo”, Old year. As in many Latin American countries, a mannequin is prepared for New Year’s eve, stuffed with old papers. And powder in old times! That has been abandoned, for obvious burn hazards. At exactly midnight on the 31st of December, the “Año viejo” is carried to the street and set on fire to welcome the New Year.

2015-12-31 19.33.59-2.jpg

That is not an “Año viejo” but one of  my nieces at dusk by the pool, covering up against the mosquitoes. It is recommended to always prod the “Año viejo” several times before setting it on fire.

2015-12-31 21.55.47

The neighbours’ “Año viejo”. We have to admit, albeit reluctantly, that they always put up quite a production… 😦

Happy New Year everybody!

(What? What? We are in May? So?)

Happy New Year, or what’s left of it. 🙂

37 thoughts on “Pot-pourri 4 square. Colombia

    • The hanging car is very representative of the creativity of Colombian designers. About the last photo, the neighbours put up quite a show, carrying the “Old year” in procession, lighting candles, etc. But there is a lot of Aguardiente and dancing and merriness. 🙂

      • Yeah, very creative. There’s really more behind the camera when it comes to personal experience. 🙂

      • An interesting thought. I actually stopped taking pictures for a few years, as I realized that I remembered things better (visually) when, for one reason or the other, I had no camera. Like my memory was “blurred” by taking pictures. 🙂 Now I’ve “fallen” back into photography with the practicity of a smartphone. Carry it in my back-pocket. Light, no frisks. 🙂

  1. I wonder who ‘Lord Jeff’ is, actually… 🙂

    Excellent street art! Man, can they draw! Now I’m more attracted to Colombia than before. Well, at least judging from the good side that I’ve seen. Wouldn’t want to make contact with its bad side but still, from a distance, I’m fond of that country. 🙂

    Happy New Year and muchas gracias por el vuelo. 🙂

    • It is a lovely country. Great people, great music, great food. Good dancing. And the “bad side” has been contained pretty much.
      De nada, a la orden! 😉

  2. Love the random graffiti and cars parks sideways. I can relate to your niece trying to get away from mosquitoes. I am one of those people where the mosquitoes come from all around just to get me and avoid everyone else in the party. Hope you and the grandbaby are well.

    • haha! I hadn’t seen it either until I took a close look at the pic. When we go there at new year’s eve, it becomes a huge family gathering. 20 or so people. Lots of youngsters. So there are phones charging every where by the pool. Even in stirrups. 😉

  3. I learn so much from your posts! Will try to speak to Ano Viejo, if I see one, before setting him on fire. Great to travel with your airline, no jet lag, not like with Aer Lingus – it is my fifth day and I am still not functioning properly.

  4. Love the año viejo mannequin tradition, surprised to see that they weren’t clutching a bottle of rum though…in Cuba they had rum and cigars. I recall Bogota having great street art, and I love the ‘drug’ wall. Street art and social commentary. All best, Brian

    • Thank you ever so much. How? I’m lucky to (have) travel(led) live(d) in many, many countries. So I keep my eyes open. And now that carry my camera (Iphone) in my back pocket, a snapshot is easy. I have about 20-30,000 photos in my digital library. It’s just a matter of selecting. 🙂 Glad you like it. Take care.

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