Pot-pourri tredici.

1sCol-12 118aI missed a beat. Blanked out. It was a lapsus, a Freudian acte manqué. I skipped Pot-pourri number thirteen. No intention whatsoever. Not like those buildings that don’t have a 13th floor, go straight  from 12 to 14. Or maybe I can’t count anymore. Should I get therapy? “Anyways”, here’s Pot-pourri tredici, number 13. The above is a street market  display in Usaquén, Bogotá, Colombia.

2 dc2015-05-17 10.48.19

The capital of the Empire, Washington DC.

3 SA 388

Paris, Marais district. This was a horse meat butcher. Horse meat was and still is popular. The phrase says: “We buy horses”. Luckily, it is now a hip boutique specializing in socks.

4 S2014-07-24 16.48.33

Two views of the Torre del Mangia at Siena.

4 S2014-07-24 16.57.38

Siena is a lovely city only a short ride away from Florence. If you are staying in Florence you can  do the trip in one day. Sienna is most famous for its “Palio”, a horse race held since the middle ages inside the walls of the city, on the Piazza di campo, where the above tower stands. A very colourful tradition it is held every year on July 2 and August 16. Plan accordingly. We missed it. 😦

5 P1050826

Somewhere in Southern Brittany, north of Saint-Nazaire.

6 ka22ad1

Hyderabad of the Sindh. c. 1950.

7 IMG_20150813_130053

Diana the huntress, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, 2015.

8 2014-10-03 12.37.17

Beach at Brighton. How Brits can actually call that a beach, just blows my mind. 😉

8 S2014-07-24 16.02.56

Tombstone, Siena cathedral. I would guesstimate the second half of the 1400’s. Contemporary of Botticelli.

9 2014-10-16 11.51.02

Street art, Mexico city. I may have posted that one already. An apology if such is the case.

10 2015-07-07 14.31.50

The capital of the (former) Empire. London by the Thames.

11 M2014-07-20 13.24.56

Chased from paradise. Milan cathedral.

11 S2014-07-24 15.31.54

Tourist trap. San Gimignano, between Florence and Siena.

12 S2014-07-24 15.59.11

A fair maiden resting for eternity. Siena.

12 S2014-07-24 15.59.34

How old was she? What was her name? Her dreams? There she lies forever.

The captain and crew hope you had a pleasant flight with Equinoxio Airways. You may now unbuckle your seat belt and prepare yourself for a great week-end. Arrivederci.

As I am updating this post to FB, I don’t quite know how to say this or tie this post to to-day’s events. But here it goes: my prayers to the victims of to-day’s killings in Istanbul. (And no mercy for assassins)

41 thoughts on “Pot-pourri tredici.

      • We do when we are close to shore. Typically up to 20 nautical miles out. Then we have to rely on the expensive Sat Phone so we are limited to downloading weather and sending a few text mails. We are in Newcastle at the moment waiting for a weather window to head to Queensland. Leaving Tuesday or Wednesday and may be out of range for 4 days. Thank you for asking

      • My pleasure. Just checked the map, my bearings were a bit off. So you’re going north, then west past New Guinea, and then “straight on” to Java, Sumatra and Singapore? Again, I wish you a smooth sea.

  1. I’d like to be able to visit Columbia.
    I wonder, that woman next to the former horse buyer display, is she japanese or chinese? Fancy sneakers, camera around the neck – I’d guess japanese.
    And why oh why would primal humans wear anything resembling clothes in Paradise?

    But then again, there’s beaches and bitc beaches, so… 🙂

    Le auguro un caldo e piacevole fine settimana, caro amico! 😉

    • Merci Julie. 🙂 You have indeed picked up on the “thread”. I try to mix very different times, places, sometimes “adventures”.
      So that every photo can create a “twist”. Bonne semaine.
      (You back in Europe?)

  2. Ah Brian!!! Me ha encantado!!! Cada foto despierta un comentario y una sonrisa, y eso que estoy sola con una taza de café …
    And you know what I like a lot? reading all the comments !!! You have so many interesting people following you, and you seem to know everything about their lives…
    Really interesting…Even through your blog you are able to listen to people and make them talk… 🙂
    Have a great day!

    • Hola. Me encanta “sacar” sonrisas a la gente. It is a true reward. And yes, there are lovely and interesting people in the blogosphere. 🙂
      With some, we have been exchanging for some time, building E-friendships.
      Soooo… Tell me about you? What are you doing right now?
      Bonita semana.

    • My pleasure Patti. I’ve heard the name, but don’t know it. Strange as it may seem, I only know London, with so many ties to England. Plus Brighton for a day. 🙂 I do have a plan to spend a few weeks in the UK sometime. Including the long walk in Cornwall, the lake district, Scotland, etc… And Dungeness. Cheers

      • A lovely stroll for you through the UK! Dungeness is on the heel of Kent with WWII lookouts, a great big nuclear power station and fresh fish for sale! It’s actually rather spectacular.

      • Hey Patti. Live from the UK? Or the US? 🙂
        I looked it up. It does look spectacular. 🙂
        My “problem” is that I have found recently that there are many places where I could live for six months and then move on. The UK, definitely. Italy no doubt. Praga and eastern europe maybe? Now, how do I find the 6 months? 😉

    • My pleasure my dear. Dn’t you find it strange how we all seem to criss-cross each other’s footsteps? Hope you’re over your jetlag. Shouldn’t last more than a week. Hopefully. How’s your daughter doing?

      • You are right, it will be over tomorrow 🙂 They say it is a day for an hour. When I was younger I didn’t suffer that bad and went to work the following day. The girls are all right, and I look forward to seeing them in August again. Let me know how is your daughter doing.

      • Jetlag? Same here. It now takes a little longer to adjust, but it’s worth it. You must have been very happy to see them. And again so soon in August. Alexandra and the baby are fine. She’s learning all the tiny details of tending to a little “critter”. And the baby is very sweet. 🙂

      • I am so delighted to hear that. I though the baby was due in June, but now I have learned that the little man is two weeks old 🙂 First couple of months are busy 🙂

      • Baby was due in May. Came out a tad early, but fine. And indeed, the first 2-3 months are busy. My daughter and son-in-law are learning to grab one-hour sleep time whenever possible. 😉

      • Absolutely. I’ve done research on “primary” moms. Mostly the same pattern. But some learn quicker than others. I think they will be fine in a few weeks. They’re learning (about each other everyday) 😉

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