Pot-Pourri. N=14.

01 2015-07-07 18.52.15

Elizabeth II Regina just turned thirty. For the third time. Many happy returns of the day, and God save our gracious Queen and all that.

02 2013 Paris 402

Near Saint-Nazaire, in Southern Brittany. Breizh bepred. Vive la Bretagne!

03 SA 0323 Alex NY

The kiss. Street art New York. (c) and courtesy Alexandra.

04 IMG_20150807_154255

“For every building to come out of the ground, one workman is buried a day”. In view of current widespread strikes and protests in Paris, I thought I would post this… piece of street literature by the most left-wing union in Paris. One worker buried a day? In France? Come on? Seriously?


Saimiri monkeys. The Amazon, on the Colombian side.

06 k23a-A

Vervet monkey. Kenya. C. 1969.


The Amazon. View of the Peruvian bank. 2006.

07 IMG_20150810_144632-A

Palais de Tokyo. Paris.

08 cdb07

A house with a view. Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. c. 1962

09 2013 Paris 450

The restroom at the tiny, tiny airfield in Saint-Nazaire, just before boarding the tiniest plane I’ve ever flown in. (OMG). Pilot: my brother-in-law, Philippe. (Glad to report he’s an excellent pilot)


Another Maillol statue. Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.

11 IMG_20150813_123344

Place de la Concorde, Paris. can you figure out the perspective? 🙂

12 k03bc

Cobra at the Nairobi Herpetarium. C. 1967. The gentleman with a beard was the Director of the Institute. I forgot his name. We used to call him Dr Muller, after a Tintin character. (The cobra has all its fangs and has not been “milked” of its venom. Brrrr.)

13 F 240

Adèle Blanc-Sec, a French Comic strip heroin, at the Museum of Natural History in Paris (well worth the visit). One of Adèle’s adventures takes place in the Museum.

14 SAF 2014-07-23 12.42.33 Fze

“Dead-end?” Street art, Florence. No offense meant to anyone’s beliefs, please.

That’s all folks. (Whistling the tune). Have a great week-end.

The ususal (c)



62 thoughts on “Pot-Pourri. N=14.

  1. Wow, such a collection! I cannot even tell what impressed me the most. Probably the drama queens from the French Union 😉
    I took a similar picture in the Place de la Concorde. Beautiful city.

  2. Loved the kiss, I imagine its painting has been a great endeavor.
    Also loved all the old pictures of Amazon, Conakry, Nairobi cobra and the monkeys.
    Guess I’m stuck to the past, places in time I’ve never been to.

    Tomorrow we celebrate Orthodox Easter. Well, at least those who actually do have some belief. Personally I find last picture funny and deep. 🙂

    Enjoy a fine weekend, cher ami! 😉

      • Thank you! 🙂

        No idea about Monica, she’s probably celebrating the weekend for now. Young people, eh (she’s 17, my daughter is 26 already). 😀

      • Yeah, my daughter was born right after the ’89 “events”, in January 1990. My ex-wife had to parture with a broken ankle. One might say those were divine signs.

        My daughter’s name is Agnetha and I believe you can easily imagine why. 😉 Of course it’s not an ordinary name for our country but I never cared about traditions and all that. Too bad it wasn’t meant for us to be a real tight family. But that’s just how life is, sometimes…

      • Agnetha as in ABBA? 🙂
        So your daughter is totally post-cold war. Interesting.
        Life has its mysterious ways. The important thing is that you manage to keep
        a close relationship with your daughter. 🙂 My regards to Agnetha,
        Bonne semaine.

      • As in ABBA, yes. 🙂
        Unfortunately we weren’t meant to be a family. Divorce happened just a few months after her birth and I’ve rarely seen her afterwards. A few years ago she came over, asking me to sell the house I’m living in and give her half the money; since I couldn’t do that – where was I supposed to live, out in the streets?! – she promised I’d never see her again. Right after that she got married to some gypsy guy and now I have a four year old grandson I’ve never seen and recently she also had a miscarriage (heard that from my mother). Yeah, that’s how life is sometimes… But we always carry on the best we can, don’t we?

        Merçi et bonne semaine a vous aussi!

      • Yes we do carry on the best we can, it still is a shame. As a glimmer of hope, I did not see my eldest brother for 30 years, until he reached out to my father. And we now see each other as regularly as distance allows. Cheers.

      • Guess this thing runs in the family. I’ve met my father only once in twenty years before he died. Can’t fight one’s nature…
        But we always hope for the best though. 😉

  3. An interesting potpourri is it, sir. Had to laugh at the ouvrier sign. Pas d’exaggeration, bien sur. The cobra is scary impressive. Were you that close or did you use a zoom lens?

  4. It’s nice to reminisce the past with these interesting photos. Nice post. And you also have interesting conversation here in the comment section. 🙂

  5. Was just at Concorde and think I know the exact perspective.

    Missed the natural history museum which is unfortunate because I love visiting them anywhere. Spent eight days in Paris and wasn’t enough time to see everything. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough.

    • Hey Jenny. Welcome back. I’m sure you know that perspective. Hope your trip back was pleasant. Don’t worry too much about missing the Museum d’histoire naturelle. All the more reason to go back… (You must have your eyes full of images, and sensations) A bientôt.

      • hey Lady! Better overwhelming than underwhelming. (Jetlag doesn’t help for a few days). Now this month-gone feeling means you probably had a great time. Very happy for you. (Of course I will require a detailed account and report) 😉

      • You will most definitely receive one. I was going to start my typing up our agenda for it is a long one that resulted in 68 miles worth of walking in eight days. (Would have been more had we not gotten Navigo!) Countless museums, beautiful streets, and good food. I took lots of great shots of graffiti. Will certainly do a post or two on doors. And I plan prob multiple posts on Giverny and Monet.

        Thanks again for your advice all along the way.

        On another note we went to Sunday mass at Notre Dame and listened to an angelic Gregorian choir. It was sublime in that setting.

      • That’s an average 8.5 miles a day. Good. 🙂 Take your time posting. Pleasure is a matter of time and patience.
        Mass at Notre-Dame? Congrats. You beat me there. 🙂 Never easy to fit in a schedule. It definitely must be sublime.
        I don’t go inside every time I go to Paris (though I go outside several times in one stay), but whenever I do go inside,
        I remember the almost century and half it took to build.
        And, most important, I think of all the people who came to worship over the centuries. Can you imagine the people in their
        medieval clothes, listening to the office in Latin? 🙂

      • Yes. I imagine I’ll be posting over the next few months. I have to be in the mood for it. And at the moment I’m just tired. But happy to be home to see the husband and the dog. 🙂

  6. I love that image of ‘The Kiss’ Brian, I’m sure it won’t be there by the time I next go to NY, so glad to have seen it. More evidence that I need to go to the Place de Tokyo.
    I shan’t comment on HRH, republican through-and-through!

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