A Paris promenade

1 IMG_20150810_144418

Paris was made for walking. On a sunny day that is. Yes, there are sunny days in Paris. Forget about rushing to-and-fro from one museum to a monument to shopping to this or that landmark. Just walk. Stroll. With your nose up in the air. (Mind the dog poop on the sidewalk though). Walk and see. Turn right in an unknown street. Take an express at the counter in the first café. Then go out and walk and walk again… Au hasard des rues…

2 sapIMG_20150721_190438-A

Rue de Vaugirard, the longest street in Paris, at the corner of the Rue de la Convention. I rent a small house nearby for the summer.

3 IMG_20150721_200029

Notre-Dame. I still remember in the early sixties when it was all dark and sooty.

4 IMG_20150803_134530

The little house I rent for the summer. Complete with garden and shade. Perfect for a cheese, wine and baguette lunch outside.

18 IMG_20150814_211128

Pont Napoléon III. The building to the right houses the Tribunal Correctionnel, a first circuit penal court. Further down the quay is the Police Judiciaire, 36 Quai des orfèvres, where Commissaire Maigret pursued criminals. Saint-Michel is to the left.

5 sapIMG_20150721_190721

Acute Diarrhea. Break the glass. Bus stop ad. (Comes in vanilla and orange flavour…)

6 sapIMG_20150725_150910

“Allons enfants de la patri-i-e”. Rouget de Lisle wrote the Chant de guerre de l’armée du Rhin (War song of the Rhine army) in 1792 as all of Europe launched itself on the French Revolution. The song is now known as “La marseillaise”.

7 IMG_20150810_144719

Palais de Tokyo, Paris. On the right bank, across the Seine from the Eiffel tower.

8 IMG_20150811_124108

Oh, my Paris skies… Rue de l’Université.

9 IMG_20150812_151058

Quai de la Tournelle.

9 IMG_20150815_162614

“Frères humains qui après nous vivez…” Ballade des pendus, François Villon. “My human brothers who after us will live…” Ballad of the hanged man. François Villon (1431-1463) is the greatest French poet of the late Middle Ages. A ruffian, a brawler, he spent many a night in jail. Was condemned to death by hanging. He composed the Ballad of the hanged man in prison. On appeal Parliament revoked the sentence but condemned him to banishment. He was 31. And was never heard of since. His  poetry remains. That particular street is the 15th arrondissement.

10 IMG_20150814_143100

A Paris promenade…

Thank you for walking along. There’s a café right around the corner. Let’s go grab a glass of wine. Fresh. A Brouilly maybe? A + (tard). See you around.

45 thoughts on “A Paris promenade

  1. oh, Paris me manque je devrais y aller! Est-ce que tu y etais recemment? Je connais l’homme du grafiti a la premiere photo… j’espere qu’il vend toujours des journaux a St-Germain des Pres!

    • It is. 🙂 I found it by sheer luck on internet a few years ago. Been renting it every summer since. A little house with a private garden right smack inside Paris is priceless. 🙂
      Take care

  2. I’ll meet you there at the end of the month! I can’t wait to have a walk through Paris! It’s funny I was talking to a vendor yesterday who played Tennis in Germany when he was young. He took a weekend trip to Paris by himself. I asked him how he liked it. His response was, “I just remember being hungry the entire time.” He didn’t have enough money to afford good food. It made me laugh. Of all the things to remember about Paris he remembered being hungry.

  3. Paris is really a beauty even from photos alone, I could only imagine how much more beautiful it is in personal encounter…

    • Thank you. I had to look back at the statue. You are right. Now, another thing that moves me with such statues (or some paintings) is thinking about the model. Who was she? How old was she then? In that case, is she still alive? Unlikely or she would be a very old lady. Think about the young models of Greek statues. Dress’em up in modern clothes. Would they still turn heads today? Probably. 🙂

  4. Orange or vanilla, choices, choices! To my shame, it’s been far too many years since I was last in Paris, staying in the wonderful Le Marais. It must be time to visit again, and the Palais de Tokyo will be on my list of places to see. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Brian.

    • Vanilla definitely. 😉 Palais de Tokyo is worth a stroll. Paris is but a mere two-three hours away from NL. Hop on the train. And revive the memories. Tot ziens mijn heer.

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