Pot-pourri número once



Saimiri monkey. Amazon 2006.

We traveled to the Amazon at the end of 2006. A small city called Leticia, in Colombia, at the border of Brazil and Peru. We actually crossed the border into Brazil walking. No control whatsoever, except for two bored soldiers on each side of the border. This little fellow is called Saimiri in Brazil, probably a Tupi-Guarani name. There were thousands of them on “Monkey island”, a small reservation on the bank of the Amazon, Colombia side.

2 2013 Paris 272

Magritte. Brussels. 2013.

3 IMG_20150810_115830

Palais de Chaillot, Trocadéro. Paris. (Above and below)

3 IMG_20150810_115847

4 nl02ac

Amsterdam, 1965. The city was all grey then. It is all repainted now. Lovely. Chilly but lovely.

5 2015-07-08 18.09.41

Such was the famine that they ate the horses. Trafalgar Square. 2015.

6 IMG_20150814_130920

Métro Concorde. Paris.

La loi n’a le droit de défendre que ce qui est nuisible à la société. Tout ce qui n’est pas défendu par la loi ne peut être empêché et nul ne peut être contraint à faire ce qu’elle n’ordonne pas. The Law can only prohibit what is detrimental to Society and nothing that is not prohibited by the Law can be prevented (or stopped) and no-one can be obliged to do what the Law does not order…

One of the stations at Concorde is decorated with quotes from the “Declaration of rights of Man and Citizen”, written in but a few days in 1789, with a goose feather, and no computers. Some of the finest words ever written…

7 034

Miao Dzedong, our cat and the Ruler of the house.

Crossing the street in London can be confusing for Continentals…

9 2015-08-20 16.57.37

Mexican polar bear. (Comex is THE paint brand here)

10 E05aa

My grandmother Julie on her horse, “Royal”. Suez canal, Ismaïlia, Egypt. c. 1935.


Amazon, 2006.

I‘m not a huge fan of sunset photographs. They usually end up disappointing as compared to the original. But… that is THE AMAZON. Imagine the cries of the day animals going to bed, and the night animals setting off to work. And the zillion mosquitos coming out for blood.

The usual (c).

We sincerely hope you had a pleasant flight:

Equinoxio Airways

“Always late, but plenty of room for your legs”

30 thoughts on “Pot-pourri número once

    • Mao Dzedong ot Mao Tsetung or Chairman Mao was the founder and leader of communist China. Miao sounds like meow… A fitting name for that cat.
      My grandmother? She was born in the Raj, in British India late 19th century. Ever so British. A hard lady… 🙂
      Confusing? I just find it somewhat difficult to orient myself in London with the cars driving on the “wrong”, left side of the road. They always seem to appear from the “wrong” direction. Takes a while to adjust. 🙂

  1. Wonderful!!! Love your poupurris!!!! They are so interesting!!! They remind me of a chit-chat with friends in front of some bieres.. One goes from one subject to another one… 🙂 🙂
    There is only one thing I do not understand, I think it is a mistake… The pic of Magritte… Is a pic of a pic? Because he died quite before 2013….
    (I LOVE Magritte)
    Have a good weekend Brian!!!

    • Thank you. That is the idea. Swinging from one thing to the other. And of course, “Magritte” is a pic of a pic in his museum. I would count myself very fortunate (and quite old) to have met him. 🙂 I visit his museum every time I go to Brussels. Love his art too. Buen fin tbn.

  2. Ha! Now how did I miss this PP? You always have such great little collections…or should I say how did all 5 of us editors miss it. Lol.
    I knew you were intelligent from the off and knowing your position in cat household and accepting it without fight proves it. 🙂
    Why do you say your Grandma was ‘hard?’

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