Pot-Pourri numéro dix

1 2013 Bsl 286

Is it snowing yet? Brussels. 2013.

2dc2015-05-17 14.56.38-A

Ministry of Fashion. Washington DC. 2015. (I hear they are tougher than Homeland)

3 73db

Minette in Kenya. c. 1969.

4 IMG_20150721_195951-B

Synagoga. Notre-Dame-de-Paris. This sculpture on the façade of the Cathedral supposedly represents Judaism. It stands right to Ecclesia, the Church.

5 k06cc

5 k06cd-A

Flamingoes. Lake Hannington-Baringo, Kenya. c.1969.

6 pIMG_20150807_153445

Paris. 2015. How many angels have you seen today?

7 IMG_6808

Frog. Lacandon rain forest, Chiapas, Mexico.

That frog is harmless. Perfectly camouflaged. Don’t pick up any frog in the rain forest, especially if they wear bright red, green or yellow colours: they’re likely to be extremely poisonous. Always mind your local guide.

8 2013 Paris 191

Grand-Place, Brussels. A marvel of ancient European architecture.

9 k08ab-1

Baby chameleon. In the garden, Nairobi, Kenya. c.1967.

12 k81b

Siesta. Ngorongoro crater. Tanzania. c.1970.

Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania is the only place in the world – that I know of – where lions climb in trees for siesta. Mostly lionesses or young lions. Male lions are too heavy. And lazy? 😉

13 sCol-12 119a

Street performer.  Usaquén neighbourhood. Bogotá. 2012.

Usaquén was a small pretty little town north of Bogotá. As Bogotá extended north, it swallowed Usaquén, now a pleasant area with art fair on sundays, street performers, and great food.

Thank you for traveling with Equinoxio. Have a lovely week.

The usual (c).

49 thoughts on “Pot-Pourri numéro dix

    • 🙂 I’d forgotten about the baby chameleon until I scanned old negatives. This one had never been developed. It was shorter than my little finger. 🙂 There were many chameleons – some with horns – on the tree in front of my window. I could spend hours watching them. Did no good to my studying though. 😉

      • Anyway, it’s nice that you could see one close and study him. I saw them only in pictures, at tv, or at aquariums or zoo 🙂

  1. Lovely collection. I cannot imagine stumbling upon those cats in the tree! And I love how you take photos of strange signs and sayings that clearly amuse you. I do the same thing.

  2. Amazing pictures! First of all, your kitty. I already told my daughter that I am considering a trip to Kenya to buy her a cat.
    The lake looks beautiful. I am always impressed by the way the birds can navigate and never bump into each other. I just can imagine have magnificent the place looks when all the birds take off.
    Frogs have always been my favorites, and the baby chameleon is a sweetheart.
    Thank you for sharing! I was away from computer because of my eye problems.

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