Pot-pourri number nine*. Number nine**…



‘Don’t know about you guys, but to me every post is a challenge. A compelling urge to do something different. Tell a different story. Not easy. Though the “pot-pourri” concept has helped me in that respect. Variety is the mother of difference. I hope. 🙂 The above street art is coming down the stairs from Montmartre. Amélie Poulain’s grocery store is only a few blocks away.


Karachi, Pakistan. c.1950.


A rainy day in Paris. (What else is new?) Notre-Dame in the background. My beloved book-boxes in the foreground.


The vineyard at Montmartre. The vineyard is as old as 944 AD. Wine is still produced every year, sold at auction for charity. Never tasted it. Some say it is a bit “green”. 🙂 But you know Parisians. 😉

2013 Paris 246-A

This is not a hat. Outside the Magritte museum. Brussels 2013. 

2014-10-16 11.51.02

Street art somewhere. Bogotá?

adc2015-05-17 10.32.09

DC swings. Washington DC, 2015.


Calcutta, c.1950. I know, I know, they say Kolkata now. So confusing.


Brussels again. Top left: Ric Hochet, a franco-Belgian comic strip detective. Bottom right: Commissaire Bourdon.


Lex, Gladius, Legis, Custos. Law, Sword, Custom. Ile de la Cité, Paris.


Kenya, c. 1969. A Hyrax. Believe it or not, they are close cousins to elephants. A word of advice: Never, ever feed the animals. Right after the picture was taken, this little bugger jumped and bit my finger. 😦 My bad.


Trocadéro, Paris, 2014-15. The Eiffel tower is right behind me.


My very first car, with Zahman the bearer and my personal driving instructor. Karachi, Pakistan, 1954-55. I believe the car was custom-made, manufactured in Karachi’s Bohri Bazaar, based on a sketch by my mother. There was no hatred then. WWII and its million dead, was over. Independence had been achieved. Peace for a while. My mother had her suppliers in the bazaar, jewelers who could turn out 24K gold ear-rings in a flash, with a simple sketch. Ironmongers who could piece together a US Army jeep, complete with pedals, headlights (fake) and wheels. No safety belt.


Shah, the Pashtun cook from the mountains, Zahman the bearer and his proud moustache, my Ayah, the “brown people” as they called themselves, pretty much raised me, the little white boy, as much as my parents did.

Those last pictures are dedicated to the people and children of Lahore, Pakistan. May the hatred fade away, and Salaam aleikoum, the Peace be with you.

** Number 9. Number 9. Rings a bell?

43 thoughts on “Pot-pourri number nine*. Number nine**…

    • Thank you Jenny. Yes, I have found the “medley” to be easy to put together. my pictures are more or less organized by place and date. So it is relatively easy to pick here and there. And the contrasts are fun. 🙂

  1. I love how the hyrax stand up for food 🙂 So, he bit you? Did you beat him? Or you was afraid of his cousin? Hahaha!
    Your very first car has made you a good driver?

    • Haha! I remember that situation very clearly. From my perspective of course. Opposite to the photo, taken by my father I think. I did not beat him, although there were no cousins around. It was my fault. I’d forgotten never to give food to a wild animal. 🙂 And I had not expected this tiny thing to jump so high!
      A good driver? Don’t know. What I know is that I increasingly hate driving, and cars, and the city…
      Do you drive? What is the age in Romania? (If I interpret your mail right you still are from the last century. 🙂 When’s your birthday?)
      (Do my happy faces turn out huge too? That’s a new WordPress thing, right?

      • You were lucky with no cousins around 😀
        I do not drive yet. In Romania you can drive only when you’re 18. My Birthday is on May 26. I will be 17 this year.
        Yes, your happy faces are huge. Mine?

      • The happy faces are back to normal. I think it was a WP bug. I have made a note of May 26. No guarantee. I’m terrible with birthdays… 17 soon? OMG. The hyrax photo? I was about your age then… 😉

      • For sure it was a bug or maybe they tried to know how it works. To see if people appreciate it.
        Wow! I am glad you didn’t beat the hyrax 🙂

  2. I’m stuck on the Karachi photo – brings such a feeling of home as it was here around the seventies.
    That aside, all other photos are just awesome too, for the sense of peace and normality they reflect. Or maybe I’m way too nostalgic these days, for some reason.

    Thank you so much for yet another wonderful pot-pourri! No idea about the meaning of ‘number nine’ though, apart from an old PC video card I had bearing that name.

      • Ah, The Beatles… Believe it or not, I haven’t been a fan at the time although some of their music managed to break through to our country. Later on I just “accepted” a few of the most known pieces but still didn’t bother to dig deeper into their style. Dunno, maybe we’re just incompatible, me and The Beatles… 🙂

      • Interesting. To me they are just part of my personal history. Now in Mexico, there is one radio programme, every day, at noon: “The beatles hour”. Can you imagine running such a programme for decades? Crazy. 🙂

      • To be honest, in today’s world I can imagine… about… anything. 🙂

        Each music style belongs to its own period of time. There’s memories and nostalgy for those who lived through those times but for the young ones it’s simply history. However there may be exceptional pieces that manage to transcend the barriers of time and remain immortal with every new generation. I could say ‘Imagine’ is one of those pieces:

        Just imagine…

      • The first video is brilliant. Thank you. The second, well… Very moving too. The first sequence in the dark and the woods looks like Central Park, close to Lennon’s building. The place they now call Strawberry fields. I’ve walked there several times. Always remembering. Thank you for sharing those great pieces. Bon week-end.

      • You’re very welcome. I chose the first one especially for the context and the second one for the whole spoken message.
        So lucky of you to have been in so many memorable places… And so generous of you to share your memories with us. Thank you and bon weekend a vous, Brieuc.

  3. Your posts are fascinating! The world of yesterday on such scale – amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, I know you sacrifice your time, and I truly appreciated that.

  4. The mural painting – Ric Hochet comic – is brilliant! I am thinking to explore the mural art comic book route when visiting Brussel..looks like I will visit Europe by the end of this year. Hope your travel went well!!

    • Very well, terima kasih. 🙂 I was a bit apprehensive when I set out to paris, too much killing. Makes me sick. (The apprehension was not personal fear, but I wondered how I would find the country? In shock? In denial? Downcast? Well, I found out that the terrorists will not win. People are stronger.
      The comic book art route in Brussels is great. I love it. You find them in many places. I have more to post. Selamat malam.

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