Pot-pourri numéro huit


Minette, our Kenyan born tabby cat.


Dieu me déteste. God hates me. Lamarck metro station. Climb the stairs, Montmartre is just around the corner.

0-2015-07-07 16.22.49

London. July 2015.


Lake Hannington, Kenya. c. 1968. One of the greatest concentrations of flamingoes on earth.


Indiana Jones’ Uncle. A Maya arch, somewhere in Chiapas, Mexico. Not sure which site, maybe Yaxchilan, near the Usumacinta river.


Saddhu, Sri Lanka, c. 1952.


Our lady thou art in the (Paris) sky. 2015.

11FM2014-07-20 13.38.55

Milan’s cathedral. 2014.


Hedgehog, in the garden, Nairobi. c.1968-69.

The dog was barking like a maniac in the garden. Went out to see. A snake maybe? No, a hedgehog, all curled up and shivering. I picked it up gently. The trick is to pick it up with your hands wide open, so the spikes don’t prick you, and wait. After a while, it uncurled. Tawny fur on the face and belly. The cutest eyes and little brown round nose. Then I put it down slowly on the terrace. (The dog had been locked inside). Check the pink shirt. Sooo fashion! 🙂


The hedgehog went back to its hedge. Saw it again a few times. We called him Hector.

2014-09-30 12.30.01

Mi casa es su casa. Mexico city. 2014.

A2014-07-10 13.54.57A

Cambodian bas-relief, Guimet Museum, Paris, 2014. (check the feet…)

The Guimet museum in Paris is one of the greatest Asian art museums in the world. Go visit on your next Paris trip. Well worth it.IMG_20150811_145616

God exists, He lives in Brussels. Paris, 2015.


Maasai Lady. Kenya, c.1967.

Thank you for traveling with Equinoxio Airlines.

The usual (c) 🙂

55 thoughts on “Pot-pourri numéro huit

      • The theme, you ask… Well, hard to say or maybe I can’t find the right words. Should I say “defiance” or “pride” or maybe just “looking at”? All those eyes seem to transmit one or the other but there are a few images that don’t quite match. Maybe it’s deeper than that. 😉

        Well, regardless of the theme I did enjoy all of them. And I think I know Indy’s uncle 🙄 or am I wrong? 😉 Unfortunately the picture doesn’t have GPS coordinates embedded, only date is useful (July 10, 2011), otherwise you could’ve easily found out the exact location where it was taken. Guess the Canon EOS 60D doesn’t have GPS capabilities. 🙂

      • Defiance, it is not. I like the word “Pride”, especially the Maasai lady. Pride in the right sense of the word. Now your reading of the pic is scary: date? Camera brand? What did I have for breakfast that day? Does the FBI know? 😉

      • Pride it is, then. 🙂

        In regard to the picture, you amaze me – didn’t you know about the EXIF tags? This is a tagging system that is used mostly in JPEG pictures but recently can be found in other formats as well. Any good image viewer can display the EXIF tags and some may offer the option to edit or remove them (which would save a few kB per image). Cameras, phones, tablets and probably any kind of device that can take pictures will embed such tags in each image file. Recent devices can also embed GPS coordinates if they have such module built-in.

        So yeah, FBI, CIA, NSA and all other three-letter-agencies are well aware of people’s movements through these tags unless said people were themselves aware of the tags and removed them before posting their pictures online. 😉

        It’s a bit harder with the breakfast, though. XD

      • I was dimly aware of it. Actually 2-3 years ago, I worked on a project with a would-be client who’d designed a system to embed invisible information in Ads. Invisible to the naked eye, but with an app you could scan the ad, say for a clothes company, and get price tags, other lines, nearest store address, etc. (And I know I should remove tags, but too much trouble) And if I pay for breakfast with a credit card… It all goes into the system… 😦

      • There’s a pretty old system called steganography that deals with embedding information into images. I can only imagine espionage, at some point in time, made use of this system. 🙂

        If I recall correctly you’re using a Mac; unfortunately I’m not familiar with Mac applications but I assume there would be applications that can remove the tags individually or as a batch job.
        In Windows I’ve been using FastStone Image Viewer for many years, a freeware application that can display, manipulate, edit image files and offers the option of removing EXIF tags.

        The credit card is probably one of the earliest tracking systems. Sophisticated algorithms calculate one’s spending/eating/drinking/traveling/entertaining/etc. habits and provides that data to advertisers that later on choke the person with their offers. That’s why I hate not only the money but the idea itself of evaluating everything on a material scale and asking for payment. To me this is simply blackmail: “I won’t give you this until you give me that”. I know: I’m crazy. 🙂

      • Not crazy at all. I bought a ticket on-line to Paris. Going in August. Went through Google, an on-line booking site, etc. Now, I visit a WP blog from a friend in, say, Oklahoma, and I get an ad for a paris plane ticket… Apple, Google, the Airlines, credit card companies ARE selling MY info. Pisses me off. (Where is my commission?) 😉

      • I, for one, don’t fancy the idea of being traded in regardless of whether I’d be getting some revenue out of it. I’m not for sale period.

      • Agreed. Totally. The dime thing was just a joke. I find it frightening how even our words can be sold and bought. This exchange we have right now is being analyzed somewhere in Washington DC and/or Seattle. Effrayant.

      • Oh, I know the dime remark was a joke, but think of all the people that might even accept that if they ever became aware of the situation. They’d sell their souls to the devil for an extra dime…

        Let them analyze, let them know we are not all brainwashed. Too bad this will not make things any better.

      • In the US, you have to pay people for market research. To answer a questionnaire. They are in effect selling their opinion. Here, I’ve always refused to pay respondents for an interview… 😉

      • Don’t try that here – we have a wealth of swearings and curses in our language database and we’re not afraid to use them in such occasions. XD XD XD

  1. Your cat stole my heart… I would love to hear more about her.
    Pink shirt, hehe 🙂
    Hector is a cutie. When I get to hold a hedgehog, I put him on a palm of my hand, belly down. He starts to uncurl after a few seconds, and then I rub his soft belly and his chest. One of the sweetest animals!
    I hope that Lake Hannington flamingos are as abundant these days as in 1968.

    • That cat was very sweet. A wandering life: she was born in Kenya, then my parents were recalled to France, so from a huge garden she transferred to a flat in Paris. never complained. Hedgehogs? Exactly. That is the way. There very nice little fellows. Now, about lake Hannington, I’ll do another full post. At that time, it was not even a national park. No lodge no tourists, just us. Today? Just checked. there are tourists but it seems flamingoes are alive and thriving. 🙂 (Glad about that)

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