Pot-pourri numéro six


Palais de Tokyo. Paris. “Mère voici vos fils qui se sont tant battus.” Mother, here are your sons who have fought so much.” On the right bank of Paris, the Palais de Tokyo was the museum of modern art before Beaubourg-Pompidou. Still worth a stroll. The statue is by Bourdelle. The words are from a poem by Charles Péguy. The first version of the statue was set up in 1922, in commemoration of WWI. This one is the 4th copy, installed in 1948, in memory of fighters of the Free French Forces.


Street art, Paris, Rue du Cardinal Lemoine. 2015.


“Street art”, Kenya, c.1968. Note the baby giraffe in the centre.


Colombo, Ceylon. (I know, they say Sri Lanka now. 😉 So confusing) C. 1952.


“Mais nous aurons toujours Paris”, But we wil always have Paris…


Tea plantation worker in Sri Lanka. c. 1952. I find those old photographs very moving. This young woman is now either gone or a very old lady, and yet her eyes will remain forever alike.

w2015-07-07 13.28.50

Mr. and Mrs. Hansel and Gretel’s residence, Regent’s park, London, 2015. (Or was it Hyde park?)

z2015-08-29 17.25.53

Mexico city, historical centre, 2015.

That’s all folks!

(Y’all have a lovely week-end, wherever you are) Bon week-end. Buen fin.

64 thoughts on “Pot-pourri numéro six

    • Thanks to you for enjoying it. I tend to think it was a normal life in fascinating places… 🙂
      Now your own wandering is quite something too. From Polish America, to New Guinea, to “Caldoche-land, to Praga? Not bad. Take care.

      • Un, ok. Pic (piccolo, pequeño…) ok. din (de, that’s is funny) toate = tout, tutto, todo!
        Yes! My first 4 words in Romanian. Mersi Monique et bon dimanche. Buona Domenica…

      • Mersi. (That one is easy) Buna saptamana. 🙂 (That one was easy too, please forgive the funny accents you guys put everywhere, my keyboard can’t do it) 😉

      • Not really. I know it sounds… conceited, but once you realize that there is a structure in words, “radicals” as they are called in Latin, it becomes easier:
        eg. Sécurité, liberté, vérité; in spanish: seguridad, libertad, verdad; in romanian: sicuritate. So I will be looking for libertate, veritate, or something close. Romance languages are very easy because they all share the same origin: latin words. i’m sure you could pick a few french words, here and there in a text. Even easier if you speak italian.
        (BTB, your english is excellent) 😉

      • I’m not a linguist, so I think you’re right. One thing I know for sure, the grammar is a pain in the … for foreigners 😀
        I hope my english is good for you to understand what I write. Otherwise, I write in vain 🙂
        Thanks for your compliment. I use Google Translate to be sure.

      • You do not write in vain, I assure you. I don’t use Translate, but I do use Google to check spelling if I have a doubt. I’m getting confused with spelling of similar words in different languages, so if I have a doubt, I google it. At any rate, your written english is pretty good. Do you speak it as fluently? 🙂

      • I can’t say I do, because I have no one to talk everyday. All I can say is that when I need to do it I do it pretty well. Of course, after my emotions run away 😀

      • As a matter of fact, writing is a good way to keep emotions in rein, under control. It is a “cold” medium, where you can let go, and that always helps. 🙂

  1. Today’s theme seems to be ‘being tall’ or ‘standing tall’. 😉

    I also noted the ostrich in the background, framed by second giraffe’s legs. 😉

    Bon weekend a vous, Brieuc! 🙂

    • Hmmm. That is interesting and involuntary. But you’re absolutely right. The mind works in mysterious ways. And yours is a keen eye my friend. I did not mention the ostrich but if I recall, it is the same one that was featured in a previous post. We just moved past the giraffes. Well done. Bon week-end à toi aussi Dragos.

      • Merci beaucoup. ^^’
        Sometimes I notice the finest details, other times I just can’t see the obvious. Mysterious ways indeed for this human mind… 🙂

        Here’s me playing with some baby ostriches in the summer of 2014. Well, about one year later one of them made it clear he didn’t quite like that game. 😉

        Take care! 🙂

      • Details are good. For the obvious, step back a few steps. (A trick from a life-time presenter) The picture with the ostriches is very good. (Funny tech detail: I could only access it on my mail not on WP) ?? And why where you involved with ostriches for over a year? Raising them?
        Buna saptamana.

      • Once I used to observe and enjoy details, then something happened and ever since I seem to always evaluate things globally trying to understand all possible points of view which usually leads to indecision. Maybe I took too many steps back…

        That picture (and others in that period of time) was taken by a friend of mine with his camera, the guy that actually has a small ostrich farm in a village nearby. I was merely visiting his farm on those occasions.
        When the accident happened my friend was out for his father’s funeral, I was left to care for the birds, feed them and lock them up in the evening. Managed to gather them all but one inside. When I tried to convince him to get in (it was the largest male – about 150kg – and was also in the mating season, something my friend forgot to tell me) he just said ‘no’ his own way. 🙂 Luckily my friend’s wife and son had come back earlier, they distracted the attacker and I managed to jump the fence. A minute later I felt the real pain. The rest is history. 😉

        In regard to picture’s location, it’s on my blog, attached to an article posted in July 2014. It should be available without restriction. I did use a trick though to have it displayed at a smaller size in the comment above. Please try this link for full size (or just remove the width parameter ?w=300 past file extension 😉 ).

        Bonne semaine a vous aussi! 🙂

      • Maybe Life is a tango? One step forward, two steps back? From detail to global and back? 🙂
        Thanks for the link, size does the photo more justice.
        Be good.
        (And stay away from big birds!)

      • Whoever said ‘it takes two to tango’ didn’t take into account the orchestra – and it all depends on the music being played. 😉

        Glad you like the picture. Just remember the size trick, may be helpful every now and then. 😉
        Oh and from now on I’ll have my birds exclusively on a plate, well cooked, please. 😀

        À la prochaine! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos to scroll through and how much of a treat for you to sift through the actual photos with all their wonderful rich memories. Something so special about having a photo in your hand. Weekend wishes to you Brian!

    • Thank you Elisa. Glad you liked them. (As an aside, just loved the photo of you and your daughter on the Pont Bir-Hakeim. It is so natural. A very nice picture of what likely was a very nice trip. Take care. Brian

  3. What a great post, Brian! I’ve just stopped back to make my monthly post and read awhile. I’m so glad that I stopped here. Love the street art especially the giraffes 🙂 . Have a wonderful month 🙂

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