Pot-pourri numéro 3

1s2015-05-18 11.57.13

Air Space Museum, Washington Dulles airport. Another plane is on display: the Enola Gay, the B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima on August 6 1945. It looks small by today’s standards. I felt a chill in my bones as I looked at it. Couldn’t help but remember the stopped clock, the shadow burned into the wall of a vanished passer-by. History is history I guess, but I think I wouldn’t display that plane. Took a picture all the same. Might post it one day, but then I might not.

2zb2015-08-03 11.45.44

Gare du Nord, Northern railway station, Paris, july 2015.

3u2015-05-17 12.08.04

Jefferson Memorial, DC, May 2015.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” Declaration of Independence, 1776. One of the finest sentences ever written.

4x2015-09-19 15.18.56

Mexico city, Historical Centre, 2015.

5x2015-07-27 12.54.56

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), Rue des Ecoles, Paris.

I try to visit Montaigne every time I go to Paris (Next trip: this summer; Yeah!), la Rue des écoles runs parallel to the Boulevard St-Germain, in the Quartier Latin. I studied nearby for two years. Fond memories. Montaigne, at a time of fierce religious wars, retired to his castle in the South of France and wrote his “Essays”, an impressive collection of thoughts and reflections on human nature and the world. Have his book somewhere on a shelf. About half way through it. Two quotes (of many):

“On the highest throne, we sit only on our bottom.”

“The most certain sign of wisdom is cheerfulness.” 🙂

6p2015-07-07 16.18.16

Hyderabad of the Sind or Hind? No. London, July 2015.


Two little Bretons in Africa. Circa 1960, in Conakry, Guinea. My little sister, Gaëlle and yours truly. Costume design and production by my – oh so – Breton mother, Renée. I always thought I’d only worn my first shoes at the age of ten. This photograph is a proof to the contrary. 😉

Text, pix, etc. (c) BMO and Equinoxio.

Thank you for traveling with Equinoxio. 🙂

53 thoughts on “Pot-pourri numéro 3

  1. You, my friend, are unmistakable at any age. 🙂 These childhood pictures are so sweet, remind us about the times when we wholeheartedly believed that anything and everything was truly possible, that the pursuit of happiness was going to be a short journey with happy ending. Later on we find out that it’s a lie, a wild goose chase. Nicely crafted empty words.

    Second picture seems too well done to be street art but then again there may still be very good anonymous drawing artists out there that wouldn’t sell their souls.

    First quote on de Montaigne is true. Unless we consider Mork from Ork which probably should’ve ruled the Earth for the best if only he wasn’t a mere character in a TV series, long long ago.

    • Yes and no. Life is a bitch and then you die, some say, but then, since it’s all we have, might as well make the best of it. 🙂
      The second photo is inside the railway station, one of a series of painted columns, probably “commissioned” by the railway comapny. At least I hope the artist got paid. 😉

      • Yeah, the part with ‘make the best of it’ is the hardest to find out before late. 😉

        So I was probably right the african lady was not random street art. Hm, I may still keep these glassed for a while. XD

  2. Great selection. If we only lived by the words of our fore father’s the world would be a better place.

    You and your sister are so cute in those outfits!

    • Which is why those words have to be repeated over and again. Like Dr King’s. I was very moved when I saw his statue in DC. And I guess we were cute. I felt very elegant in my traditional Breton dress, specially designed for a birthday party. 😉

  3. Great ones! I love the Indian pic, the street artists there are incredible. I love the colours of India. I lived a few years in Delhi and traveled quite extensively, what a country! As surprising, magical as exhausting.
    So you studied in the Quartier Latin as well? Me too actually, a (almost little) time ago 😉
    As for the shoes, we can tell you were not wearing them constantly. They are so clean and shiny;) I love this pic too, thanks for the ride !

      • Moi j ai decroche un petit diplome à l’Inalco et mon master en science po.. La grand epoque ou je faisais mes interviews de these au Flore (cliché totalement assumé 😉

      • Inalco? J’ai du chercher. Langues O? C’est genial. Le cafe de flore? aussi. J’ai fait ma prepa a Sainte-Barbe, rue Valette a deux pas du pantheon. On passait parfois devant le cafe de Flore mais ca nous interessait pas: y’avait pas de flippper! 🤓

      • Pfffft … Me suis trompée, j ai fait in petit passage par IHELA (institut des hautes études latino américaines ) parce que j’adorais écouter les aventures des ethnologues! Pas Inalco 🤓
        Flipper il y avait pres de la fac de médecine. Peut être plus maintenant que c’est devenu tellemnent pseudo intello … Vive les flippers 🍷

      • Espagnol au college et oui, un peu d’hindi à Delhi et grace aux doses massives de Bollywood movies
        😉 dans tous les pays où on a sévis, je m’efforce de maitriser le basic du “taxi vocabulary”. Pour la premiere fois, les enfants ont non seulement bien plus de vocabulaire que moi mais un bien meilleur accent! J’imagine que c’était le cas pour ta soeur et toi également .. Vous avez dû rapidement donner des cours à vos parents ?😉

      • Pas trop. Mon père était bilingue anglais (sa mère était anglaise, née aux Indes). Ma mère parlait bien l’anglais aussi.
        Et ils ont toujours mieux parlé l’Urdu que moi. (Je suis pas resté longtemps au Pakistan. Mais c’est surtout au Kenya, avec le Swahili qu’on les a “dépassés”. kwaheri sassa memsahib.

  4. This is a great collection. I have to single out Michel Montaigne, one of my favourite philosophers. I have captures of this very statue on my blog too 😀 Bonne semaine, B!

    • Je savais que ça te plairait. Je me rappelle de la photo que tu avais postée. (Et c’est dans ce souvenir que je suis allé en Juillet dernier Rue des Ecoles, voir le vieux Montaigne. 🙂

    • The ladies were the front decoration of some sort of store. Didn’t really check. Could have been anything, but I liked the art. And yes my sister was fussing with the hem. Just imagine the Afrcan heat and the fact that we normally ran around everywhere in swimming trucks, she felt that the Breton dress was hot and heavy. 😉💃

    • Thank you “Monique”. At that age, just about anyone is handsome. 🙂 I wish I could say for sure I’m still a handsome old man, but that will be for others to decide. 😉 Be good. No school tomorrow and the day after… 🙂

  5. You are so cute! I no have to go to your about page because you have intrigued me. How so many stories? You’re not old enough! Where did you study in Paris? I was at Alliance Française for a couple of months. It is close to St. Germain des Prés.

    • Old enough: I’m from ’53… In Paris I studied in College Sainte-Barbe, then went to Lyon Management school. (Remember I am technically and totally French) I know the Alliance Française, my wife went there to learn french. It is quite good. How many times have “gone to”, lived in Paris?

      • We’ve tried to cover a lot of ground in probably a dozen trips to Burgundy, Provence, Nice, Bordeaux and always Paris… long trips to Paris (3 so far) just started when I retired–à la retraite– 4 years ago. I love the country. I love the culture.

      • You have covered son very good ground. I do too love the country (mine) and the culture (and I’m slowly falling into despair as I see it sinking…) 😦

      • Agreed. I love the “politesse” and it’s fading. Also the western influence is terrible. They’ve begun to adopt every bad habit from the States e.g. Fast food, obesity, catchup, tennis shoes…

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