Pot-pourri Numéro 2

g2015-07-07 23.43.35

That one’s easy. Liverpool? No. Birmingham? No. Think again. Brighton? No. Her Majesty’s one and (many) (Buckingham) Palace(s).

h2015-07-16 13.28.36

Satan’s dead end. Paris, 20th arrondissement. Not a joke. A real street. Right around the corner from my brother’s workshop. Not even half a “blog” away. That street inspired me a story called “Banquete de pordioseros”, Beggars’ banquet. Which reminds me I haven’t posted it yet…

i2015-07-07 16.02.06

A Citroën converted into a food-truck. Paris? The plates are classic French, 79 department, les-deux-sèvres, center-west of France, between Chollet, Poitiers and La Rochelle. Cat got your tongue? London. South bank. I sh.. you not. London was invaded by those vintage french trucks painted colourfully and serving a variety of truck-foods.

l2015-07-16 13.13.24

My brother’s den, Paris, near the Impasse Satan. Rare books by Pierre Loti (wonder who reads him anymore?) and Julien Gracq. The artist is on the B&W photo is Marie Laforêt, a so-sixties beauty and singer: see below the link to “viens, viens sur la montagne”:

m2015-07-11 12.19.37

Bombay or Mumbai as they write it these days? No. Brighton, England, last July. Complete with an invigorating (read: freezing) english wind. The Brighton peer was a wee bit of a disappointment. Town taken over by hordes of half-frozen tourists. Managed to get a fairly decent curry in a side street.

n2015-07-09 20.47.39-A

London. July 2015. A vibrant english confession that there is no english cuisine. (Others might add, just as there is no french rock & roll.)

So much for today. The usual jazz and (c). Thank you for flying Equinoxio. We will take you to the most unexpected destinations.


17 thoughts on “Pot-pourri Numéro 2

      • Maybe that was intended as a magic spell. Dunno if it worked though. 😉 No need to check, I trust your word. 🙂

        Interesting mix of pictures you got us this time. The architectural clash between the last two is huge. And I could almost bet the (wooden?) mask hanging next to Marie’s picture is quite ancient and valuable. 😉

      • Mersi prietenul meu. 😉
        That was quite the intention, to bring together places and objects from great distances.
        Not quite sure about the mask. Probably African, probably wood. I’ll ask my brother, he’s a
        “Brocanteur”, deals old furniture at a flea market in paris. He probably picked that up at a colleague’s.
        And yes I loved the “clash” between the last two pictures, both taken in England.
        A + (Current french for see you later)
        PS. Isn’t it close to 3:30 in the Am over there?

      • Yes, it was quite late at the time, I’m used to staying up late, sometimes for the whole night. No job – no daily schedule to hold onto. 🙂 (And no money either but who cares. 😀 )

        Let me tell you a secret: when using the imperative, one says “mersi, prietene” (thanks, [my] friend). 😉
        Usually the male imperative ends in ‘e’ while the female imperative ends in ‘o’ (i.e “well done, girl!” ➡ “bravo, fato!”). There are a few exceptions but it’s not the place here for detailed language lessons. 😉

        I’m smiling just thinking of americans that might scratch their heads wondering what’s with those A+ in french-speaking people. Darn, they can’t all be A+ people (as in ‘excellent’ per school notations)! XD
        Well, I already knew it’s an abbreviation for ‘a plus tard’. How? Intuition, I guess. 😉

        À la prochaine, mon ami!

      • Yes, we do. Strange thing is I can’t remember much of the theory but I can instantly recognize a misspell or anything incorrect in writing. And not only in my language. 🙂

        It’s still early here, only 10:47 PM, enough time to get involved in something demanding hours of headbanging. XD À bientôt! 🙂

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