Even after two years, I still struggle on every post. 🙂 No matter what the subject is, even when my text is already written or the images “tailored”, selecting, sorting, formatting, reviewing, never takes me less than two hours. (I will get therapy). So I’ve decided to make an experiment, with a new format: “Pot-pourri”, a random selection of pictures. Let’s see if the format pleases you my dear readers. And hopefully takes me a tad less time. 😉

a2014-07-25 17.35.47 A

“Dead end”. Street art, Florence, Italy. 2014

b2015-08-27 10.42.54

Finance on the walk. Mexico city, 2015.

The statues were placed on a street near my house, by a financial asset management fund, which later went broke, after a major swindle. The company’s long gone, every one seems to have forgotten about the statues…

c2015-07-11 11.59.09

#Stay alive. Street art in Camden town. London. Fabulous. July 2015.

d2015-07-24 15.14.58-A

“La danse” by Carpeaux. Façade of the Opera-Garnier in Paris. 1868. (The sculpture)

e2015-05-15 13.46.41

Washington DC. May last year.

f2015-09-19 17.07.34

“OMG”. Street art, Mexico city in the Historical Centre district.


“On the prowl”. Amboseli, Kenya, 1968-69.

This lioness was alone, not usual among lions who tend who hunt in packs. We followed her for a while. Blessed times when we were the only car around (Yes. Car. Not foot. Do not ever get out of the car. Or open up your window. Never ever). She seemed to be stalking something. Watched. Trotted. Watched again and moved along. It was the small rainy season in Kenya. Around April. The dirt roads were mud roads. We’d gotten stuck in the mud like ten time already. She was the first significant game we saw that day. And last, except for a couple of elephants.

Amboseli National Park is close to the Tanzania border and offers spectacular views of the Kilimandjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain; we were rewarded with some the following days. ‘will share soon.

Text, photos etc. (c) yours truly.

Have a lovely week-end.

39 thoughts on “Pot-Pourri.

  1. Nice kitten there in last picture. 😛

    There’s still creativity around thee world, I see. Let’s hope it thrives. Great street art you’ve shown us today. Thank you. Have a great weekend yourself! 🙂

    • Vous m’en voyez ravi, chère amie.
      Tout va bien chez toi? A londres ou à paris, janvier-février est, pour moi ne période
      un peu sinistre, dark, rainy, un crachin qui n’en finit pas…
      Je te souhaite donc qqs rayons de soleil ce week-end.

      • Ça va merci, aussi bien que possible dans un pays où 20 personnes viennent encore d’être assassinée à deux heures de route…
        Mais le soleil est ressorti. On déjeuné hier sur la terrasse. 🙂
        Frisquounet, mais l’un des rares avantages du tiers-monde rest le climat.
        Et auhjourd’hui étant un Bank Holiday, nos deux filles viennent déjeuner à la maison avec leurs jules respectifs.
        Bonne semaine

      • Bon, ben ça a commencé morose mais ça finit pas mal en fin de compte…déjeuner sur la terrasse et déjeuner en famille, rien de mieux 🙂
        Bonne semaine 🙂

  2. A winning format if you want my opinion 🙂 A pot-pourri of the magic you promised to give when you started blogging. The photo I appreciate the most is the one of the beautiful prowler-ess 🙂 Vintage stuff – priceless!

    • Merci ma grande. Yes, that lioness was shere beauty. Totally unconcerned by the idiots (us) following her in a car. And the B&W (original argentic) adds to the mystery. (I remember the scent of rain)

  3. I think the random photos are a fun idea! Never know what you are gonna get! I think you should definitely keep that up if it keeps you sharing photos and writing words. Maybe mingle that in with some of the painfully long and hard ones to write! 😉

    I know how you feel. It certainly takes longer than one thinks it will take. Considering the choosing of the photos, the arranging of the photos, the commenting on the photos, the writing of the story, the categorization etc, it is a lot of work. But, I suppose anything worth it always is.

    Good to hear from you again.

  4. Thank you for the journey where othersice I shall only go virtually or in fantasy. baisers de la joue, mon ami.
    Please excuse the bad french, I hope I haven’t said something dreadful. 🙂

    • Your french is fine, a – oh so vernacular – cheek kiss, two please. 🙂 In many regions of France the number changes, sometimes two, or three or four… Which may leave one with a cheek extended for nothing if the number is not right. 🙂
      (Nothing dreadful)
      My best wishes to your friend.

      • Adoe this custom. We reserve pkisses for close friends family and babies. Otherwise it’s a handshake. Pity!<3

    • Thank you Paul. Like the dead end too… 😉
      Therapy? If you mean Head therapy that is a hopeless issue.
      If you mean “back therapy”… well. I dropped that. Back pain is reasonably under control.
      MIght start swimming again in a coupla, when the cold subsides.
      (I know, everything is relative, our cold would have the Dutch in the streets in shorts and mini-skirts,
      but the absence of central heating is a bit of a flaw when temps go down to 5ºC in the morning… 🙂
      Tot ziens

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