War in Jakarta. In Istanbul. In Marseilles. In Bamako, San Bernardino, Tunis, Paris. Beyrouth… This is no travel agency catalogue. Those are cities at war. Cities hit by delusional, brainwashed morons. Cities where blood has been shed. There are more, an apology if I don’t remember them all. And there will be more. More war. More blood.

Enough! Enough! Enough!

How many more of our kids will be killed at a concert? Or taking a beer outside with friends?

How many more will drown in the Mediterranean, pushed to the sea by human poachers?

How many more will be beheaded on a Libyan beach?

This week alone, there were attacks in three cities worldwide. In Marseilles, a Jewish teacher wearing a Kippa (Yarmulke) was attacked by a 15-year old with a machete. Local Jewish authorities warned against wearing a kippa in the street. What? Will Jews have to hide? In France? Again?

How many of our work colleagues will be slaughtered at an end-of-year party?

Enough! Enough! Enough!

Jakarta is the capital of the largest Muslim country in the world. Muslims were killed in Jakarta. In whose name? Seriously?

My deepest sympathies to the people of Indonesia. And my Indonesian friends. (I also have relatives in Indonesia)

How many more little girls will be abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria? Remember #Bringbackourgirls?

Enough! Enough! Enough!

Let there be no mistake: this is a war against Freedom. This is not a war of Islam against Christians and/or Jews. This is a war against all humankind.

Enough. This is war. And war means fighting. And naming and destroying the enemy: Daesh, the (so-called) Islamic State, or ISIS.

Around the 3rd century BC, two nations competed for power over the Mediterranean. (War around the Mediterranean is a long story). Rome and Carthage or Carthago, situated in today’s Tunis, in North Africa, were the contenders. There were three “Punic wars” between Rome and Carthage, with no clear winner for two centuries. Hannibal, a Carthaginian general came close to defeating Rome, but eventually Rome won. Why? In part because of a Roman senator called Cato the elder. Cato concluded each and every one of his speeches in the senate, whatever the topic, a new tax, a new law, by the phrase: “Carthago delenda est”, Carthage must be destroyed. At the end, Rome won the war and burned the city of Carthage to the ground. Carthage was destroyed.

Isis delenda est. Isis must be destroyed.


La Liberté guidant le peuple. Delacroix. 1831.

Marianne, representing Freedom, guides the people of Paris in the barricades of 1830. She is armed and bare-breasted. Next to her, the little boy may have inspired Gavroche, the street kid of Hugo’s Les Misérables.

Have you had enough? Feel fee to re-blog.

20 thoughts on “War.

    • Merci ma chère. J’avoue que j’ai le coeur gros. I find it hard to… “forget”, ever since January and the Charlie massacre, now, it’s one after the other. And the morons who “rule” us don’t seem to really do something. It will happen again to-morrow. The question is “where”? And when will they be stopped? 😦

      • Oh lala, difficult questions that I cannot answer. I think I know how you feel though, it’s a vague unease that things have gone bad…and that they’re about to get worse…and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s quite scary 😦

    • Terima kasih banyak to you Indah. Yes, Ouagadougou was hit shortly after. No one is safe. Now, who will take the initiative to end the threat? I don’t know. Selamat malam.

    • Thank you for your words. There has been relative peace in some parts. My grandfather fought WWI, my father WWII. My brothers and I are probably the first men in the family to never go to war. But war is coming back everywhere. No-one learns. A shame. Be safe wherever you are.

    • Dobri den Julie. And thank you for your comment.
      I wish Peace could be an incurable disease. I’d be the first one to spread the germs. 🙂
      But now, I do think the Romans’ saying applies: Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare (for) the war.
      Try to be safe in your neck of the woods.
      (And let’s remember Churchill: “We shall never surrender”)

  1. I couldn’t agree more Brian, but we have to learn also how to (if not kill) destroy, undermine and make ridiculous the ideas that ISIS spreads and so many young men and women find attractive. Until the battle of ideas has been won our societies will always be vulnerable. Sadly, as you say, I don’t think our ‘best and brightest’ politicians know what to do.

    • If you recall, the book “the best and the brightest” was about that generation who launched the Vietnam war…
      And I agree, part of the fight is on the “idea” level. But the morons who “rule” us have no idea… 🙂
      Thanks for your visit and comments Paul. Take care.

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