We shall never surrender. Paris killings.


Cowards have hit again. In various places of Paris. Le Bataclan where 1500 people were watching a concert. A hundred hostages were killed by the terrorists.


My Paris sky. Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux… Bluer that the blue of your eyes.

A few days ago, more than 200 Russians were most likely killed by an anonymous bomb. The Egyptian government denies. Don’t want to scare the tourists. Cowards. Cowards. Cowards. So easy to sneak a bomb in a plane. And leave safely on tiptoe. Not so easy to face armed soldiers, right?


Notre-Dame. Our Lady of Paris. Cry my Lady.

Another killing took place close to Notre-Dame, at les Halles, just across the river. Cry Our Lady, cry.


Images of peace at the Trocadero. Not hit. Other killings took place East of Paris.


Peace and nudity at the Trocadero. The cowards are probably offended by nudity but not by blood.

La Flamme de la liberté, The flame of Liberty, on the right bank. 1987. (Many confuse it with a monument to Princess Diana who died close-by.) Freedom will not be killed. Ever.

Other killings took place Rue de Charonne. I hear that a restaurant was hit. Le Stade de France, the soccer stadium in Saint-Denis, home of the cathedral where the french kings were crowned. François Hollande, the French president was in the stadium. He left alive. May he and our government now fully understand the extent of the war we have been in since January.


La France victorieuse. France in victory.


The same statue. Pont du carrousel, facing the Louvre

I‘ve selected a few random photos of my beloved city. There is not much sense in those photos. Nor is there in the cowardice of armed terrorists. I repeat, it is so easy to plant bombs. Shoot at unarmed civilians. It is another to face armies. I’ve never seen terrorists do that. They never have the balls. Pardon my French.


Palais de Tokyo, on the right bank. Where the Museum of Modern art is. The text says:

“Mère, voici vos fils qui se sont tant battus”. Charles Péguy. “Mother, here are your sons who have fought so hard”. In memory of the soldiers fallen in WWI. Only yesterday, I was thinking of my grandfather, who, a century ago exactly, was fighting along his brothers, many of whom did not come back.

To-day, a century later, war has started again. My heart goes to the victims. We still don’t know if all our friends and family are safe. All the fallen have become our family. The night has fallen over Paris. We will know to-morrow.

France will pull through. Without losing our soul. But we will, we must fight back.

To the cowards, let me just say, as a great Brit once said: “We shall never surrender”. On ne se rendra jamais. Jamais!

48 thoughts on “We shall never surrender. Paris killings.

  1. No pasarán! Darkness may reign in some places for some time, but it can never win against the freedom of the mind. My condolence to the free people of France.

    • Thank you my friend. No sé si no pasarán. It will take more than a 3-day mourning. The “strong measure” declared by our inept President.
      I was reading on-line comments from the French. Interestingly, a lot of measure in the comments, and a convergence in the analysis:
      we are at war, and many puppets in the government in charge of justice, homeland and the like, even the president, should resign)
      All said/written in a very measured tone. No hatred. Just matter-of-fact.
      At the end, Darkness is fighting its way back in. And the lovers o freedom have to fight.
      Merci for your comment.

  2. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your beautiful city, I don’t have the words to say exactly how I feel. Be well and thank you for images from your beautiful city. Peace, K

    • Thank you my new niece. 🙂
      I like the phrase “gorilla” warfare. I once took a seminar on Marketing “Guerilla warfare”.
      After 9/11, those seminars and train of thoughts magically disappeared. NOt PC I guess.
      The Gorillas remain. Well, the human gorillas. The real ones are much gentler souls.
      I am, I must say in shock. Managed to talk to one niece (your “cousin”) one brother, Richard (b.1946).
      Most friends we could talk to. One of their children was at the stadium. Close call. Another eats twice weekly at the Cambodian restaurant.
      Brother #1 unaccounted for, but he lives in the south. Never picks up the phone. Will probably get to him tomorrow.
      Be safe.

      • Glad everyone in the family is ok. Hoping to account for missing one soon.

        My best traveling friend, who is German, happen to be in Paris this weekend. She is in the 9th. She is ok too thank goodness.

        The world is sending light and hugs to France. I think many feel like this was a terrorist act against us all even if we don’t hold a French passport.

      • Thank you jenny. Glad your friend is ok. And yes it is an attack against all of us.
        As I wrote (with difficulty yesterday) regardless of the fact that the ones we know are safe, it is not enough: everyone of the victims are my family. And yours too, as my “American niece”! 🙂

      • Yes it does. Less than 10 armed “men” killed over 120 people in a few hours.
        So easy. Let us hope no one will fall again.
        Thanks for all your support.
        Have a lovely sunday. Life must go on.
        “Uncle” Brian

      • Missing older brother accounted for. 🙂
        It is an attack against all those who belive in freedom, in one’s liberty of choice and accountability, those who believe in men-women total equality (which is one of the main hidden issues here) those who believe in “a government of laws, not of men” (Seen that writing on a monument in Brooklyn a few years back.) That’s the war that started on 9/11 and that needs to be fought -again- and won. 😦

      • True. But freedom is worth fighting for. Isn’t that what we’ve all mostly tried for decades? And believe me, freedomtakes many forms. Living in the “South” for so many years has made me realize that peace, law-abiding, and freedom exist only in tiny oasis: the US, Europe, Singapore and that’s about it. Here? All the political, judicial, police apparatus is hand in hand with the cartels. So where is Freedom? in just a few places which we need to protect. And hopefully spread. There is a movie I suggest you watch: Wadjda. A story about a green bicycle. I will say no more. Try to download or netflix it… All the best to you and “Hubby”. (Does “Hubby have a name?)
        (See: I always have to joke about something, even now.)

  3. It’s always the innocent that die first. Someone is planting the seeds of war but it’s hard to tell who and why – appearance can be (and often is) deceiving.

    I’m sorry for all the lives that have been taken, in Paris and all corners of the world. And I hope the souls of the departed would gather into one unseen and unstoppable force to claim the blood of the real murderers.

    • Thank you Dragos.
      It seem there is no end to human… vileness.
      I hear that people in Romania are assembling and protesting after the disco slaughter.
      I hope they manage to get some change.
      As for us? (and that includes all of Europe) we are at war again, mu friend.

      • Yes, there’s been unrest here too but unfortunately I know how these things go so I have zero hope for a better future. Somehow I feel the events are interconnected although it wouldn’t seem so and if I’m right, other bad things may happpen in other parts of the world. I strongly wish I’m wrong though.

        As I said somewhere before, somebody thinks there’s too many people on Earth and when other methods failed they fell back to the only working method known so far: war. Not to mention this is an excellent incentive and monetary gain for the weapons industry and not only. And to find out who’s behind all this, remember the old saying: “when in doubt, follow the money”. 😦

    • Thank you Crystal. Yes, I had a hard time writing that post, though I felt I had too. Thank you for your love and support. It is a funny (and endearing thing) between France and the US, we may disagree, we may squabble, sometimes call each other names, but when the real Sh.. hits the fan, we always stick together. 🙂
      No I’m not in France right now. Live in Mexico. But I’m tempted to grab the first available plane to Paris. “Gimme a ticjket for an airplane… Ain’t got time to take no fast train…”

    • Thank you “Trisha”. Yes, you are quite right: “disgusting” is the appropriate word. I’ve been in utter shock since Friday. This is only the latest of many such acts of cowardice. I think it is now time that we exterminate the rats…

  4. ”All the fallen have become our family” well you said it all Brian! peace, love and solidarity (to France, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, London, Madrid, New York and Turkey). love, only love

    • Eupharisto Geo. The list is growing. We need to cut it down. That’s it. Enough. Another french blogger living in London just wrote a poem about “the tears of my people”. Yes, our people. Merci.

    • Going back in time, I think there has always been evil. In the little African paradise where I spent part of my childhood, evil was at work in the dark. We left on time. 3 years later many of our friends were thrown in jail and executed by the local dictator. 😦
      This is partly the reason why I post those outraged posts. Not just in Paris, too many people are cold-bloodedly executed every day in the world.
      Right here in Mexico!
      Things happen daily that one cannot imagine when living in the little pockets of law that still resist.
      🙂 Have a good week “vesper”. And take out the heavy clothes. Winter is coming.

    • Thank you Julie. ‘Appreciate. It is a sad turning point, where violence will/may be unavoidable, but, again, my compatriots have surprised me with their dignity, and the only possible answer. Three words. Même pas peur. 🙂

    • Merci mon amie. Moi aussi, j’y crois. Mais je suis très secoué par tout ça. 😦
      J’ai le sentiment d’horreurs sans nom sur le point d’arriver. Et j’aimerais pouvoir faire quelque chose, mais quoi?
      Bonne semaine. 35,000 pas. Pas un de moins, pas un de plus. 😉

      • Je suis heureux que certains puissent (encore) prier. Je… crains malheureusement qu’il va falloir faire plus. (Homme de peu de foi que je suis). Mais quoi faire? Il suffit de tellement peu pour que l’humanité bascule dans l’inhumain… (See the recent Balkan wars…) Enfin. Pour le moment ce qui compte c’est tes petits pas. 🙂 5,000 par jour. 🙂

      • Des “compras”? Des achats, des courses, du “shopping”.
        ta bom. Natal vem chegando…
        (Just don’t overstep yourself. You have one of those tiny things that count your steps I imagine?)

      • si, compras. My multitasking got the best of me. I was reading an email in Spanish while replying to your comment – damn 😀 I have a fitbit B-) I imagine I would be in pain tomorrow, but the stuff I bought today will make up for it 😉

      • Je commence souvent algunas frase en un idioma and finish in another…
        I sincerely hope you will not be in pain tomorrow. BTB, I’m sure you know, don’t take too many pain-killers.
        Bad for your kidneys (watch your creatinina) If in doubt, put an ice pad for 15 minutes. Then take it off minutes. Then back on 15.
        (Vérifie avec ton médecin d’abord)
        Até, Paulinha

      • You are such a darling. I’m more of a supplement than pain-killer addict, but I like my booze ;). Ice has been very helpful throughout this period. Obrigada o meu amigo. Vales tu peso en oro 🙂

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