The streets of DC. One more time!

1dc2015-05-15 18.08.35

The streets of DC have charming posts. Beyond the traditional grid system (What’s on 5th Avenue between 40th and 42nd street in New York?) Washington crosses numbered streets with lettered streets. Which I find poetic. What does G street stand for? G is for Grandeur? Or G is for Government? (That one was too easy)

2dc2015-05-15 18.14.24

DC’s Chinatown probably runs two, two and half blocks. Including a huge arch. But the pavement holds surprises. isolated tiles feature animals. Looking hard I could see very stylized animals. I understood (I think) the tiles represented the chinese calendar zodiac. Shengxiao (?). The horse above, the dragon below. There were also a monkey, a rat, a rooster. (When the rooster crows at the break o’dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone – Dylan)

2dc2015-05-15 18.15.21

3dc2015-05-16 12.39.39-NB1

No relationship with Chinatown. Just found the road signs in DC a variant of Street art.

4dc2015-05-16 15.58.14

Peace in Tranquility near GW University.

5dc2015-05-16 12.39.27-NB1

N street is for “No.No.” Do NOT block intersection. (Only) One way. You have the right to an attorney…

6dc2015-05-16 16.55.30

A very dainty little shop. With a creative name.

7dc2015-05-16 15.57.51

I confess. I fell in love with the houses in DC. Want to buy one. (Keep on dreaming?)

8dc2015-05-16 16.01.25

A rare blue house. Most tones tend to brick/red. Sometimes grey.

9dc2015-05-16 15.58.54 10dc2015-05-17 10.49.11

Sponsored by the WWF. Do not enter. Cougar zone?

11dc2015-05-17 10.43.24-nb 12dc2015-05-17 16.58.19 13dc2015-05-18 08.10.23

E is for Euclid. Sue Grafton would have said “E is for Evidence”. Only straight angles allowed on Euclid Street. No exceptions.

14dc2015-05-17 16.58.19-nb 15dc2015-05-17 16.45.33

“You have mail”. Georgetown.

Georgetown is possibly one of the most well-known neighbourhoods of DC. Not the only one. There are many areas of town that are very pleasant to walk or cycle by. Try Columbia heights for instance.

16sadc2015-05-16 12.38.10

Holy butterflies.

17dc2015-05-17 17.12.55

We deliver… (And don’t forget the tip…)

18sadc2015-05-17 11.08.52

Didn’t find much street art in DC. Maybe I din’t go in the right places. The Capital of the Empire is Clean and Tidy. Here are just a few.

19dc2015-05-16 16.17.25-A

The usual: text and photos (C) yours truly.

Thanks for taking this short trip to DC. Really worth it. A nice, pleasant town.

Y’all be good naw and have a lovely week-end.

50 thoughts on “The streets of DC. One more time!

    • Hi Col. Good to hear from you.
      As usual your witty comments are a challenge.
      DC, DC… Will inspiration fail me in this Dire Corner?
      Do Cheer?
      Down Conniver?
      Hope all is well with you and your lovely family.
      Granddaughters growing up well in the coming South African summer?

    • Thank you. It is interesting that you should note what I’m looking at. πŸ™‚
      Obviously it is a selection. Now, when and wherever I travel I do look everywhere.
      At the unexpected is all the better. Doors. Windows. Shapes. Skies. I’ve come to like street art.
      (I will soon do a medley of street art from all over the place)
      The chinatown tiles were quite a surprise.
      And DC, is a very… pretty town.
      Have a nice week-end my friend.

  1. This is interesting. When I was there I didn’t have too much time for site seeing. I took the trolley tour but wished I had more time to explore.

    • One does what one can . I always try to stay at least 3-4 days in any place. And walk and walk and walk. (exhausted emoticon). We also had the advantage in DC that Daughter #2 had spent two years there for her M.A. Her graduation was the whole point of the trip.

    • Gracias Julia. (I’m blushing) πŸ™‚ Fact is: I’ve probably written zillions of words in my life. Non-fiction and fiction. From market research reports to articles to Congress presentations and novels and I always find that, once the “props” (data, pictures, etc.) are organized in a proper way, the story writes itself on its own and the words just floe. πŸ™‚
      You have two talents: great visuals and great titles. Yours is the ability to tell a story in one photo and just a few words. A rare talent. πŸ™‚
      (keep sharing)

      • Con mucho gusto Brian. I’d be interested to learn your life story some day. Sounds like you’ve done a thing or two. πŸ˜‰ Read somewhere recently that talent is honed through hours and hours of work, which leads to development of true skill, and it would seem to be case in point for you.
        Thanks for the kind words!

      • Talent is unescapable. Some people can sing others can’t. Now talent does need work. Loads of. Repetition and repetition and repetition, which is why it is so important to identify one’s talents early (and that ain’t easy) to work on them. And many times it is difficult to recognize one’s own talents. Look inside. What do you do best? And above all enjoy most doing? Alos listen to what others tell you. From a distance, I already told you about your eye. You have a good eye (as seen in your pictures) you have a capacity for synthesis. A good title is the ultimate synthesis. I think you look at people well. Even if people can fool you. (No worry they still fool me. Sometimes. ;). Do a SWOT analysis on yourself.
        As for my life story my dear, it may take a while. πŸ™‚ You can find a taste of it in “The monkey incident” in my blog. Here’s the link:
        Have a lovely week-end. πŸ˜‰

      • Glad you enjoyed “the monkey” (I think it is clear I didn’t) A SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis. Usually done for brands but one can apply it to one-self. Send me a mail, so I can have yours and I’ll send you an example. (My mail is in my gravatar or should be) πŸ˜‰

    • That store was in georgetown I think. Loved the creativity in the name. makes you want to buy clothes from them. And thanks for your congrats. Her stint at George Washington U. was a life-changer for her. She was delighted. And has already found a job here to apply all that she learned. (Unlearned?) Take care.

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