Women and work in Indonesia

Development without stereotypes…

Beyond "he" and "she"

Researching women’s access to the labor markets is a never-ending theme that seems to widen in a rhizomatic fashion where any question is followed by more questions that bring us back to the very beginning: which women? What work? What kind of access?

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world after China, India and the United States. The country is scattered over more than 17,500 islands encompassing more than 300 ethnic groups that often see themselves first as members of their particular ethnic and cultural group and only second as Indonesians. This diversity is part of the country’s national philosophy, which stresses the doctrine of unity and universal justice for all: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country. Yet interpretations of Islam vary throughout all Indonesia’s regions and rituals are often fused with Javanese practices resulting in a…

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8 thoughts on “Women and work in Indonesia

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Women plays major role in Indonesia. My mother was a career woman, and it was Indonesia in 1980-ish..there were many more women worked on earlier days. Nowadays Indonesia is in transitional period, the Indonesians are now facing modernity versus conservative values. I hope the author will also include historical perspective and the result will inspire many more Indonesian women to join in labor markets.

    • Hi Indah, thanks for your comment.
      I believe there is a historical perspective in the full paper. More incentive for the author to follow-up on this post. 🙂
      Tot ziens!

    • Haha! Men may just be that. Some.
      You do realize you’re exposing yourself to the (original) author’s wrath?
      (Or at least passionate arguments?)
      Thanks for your visits.
      I trust all is well in the last outpost of the Empire?

      • We will see if the bait is chomped.
        The natives are restless, as they usually are in outposts. They are also increasingly a pain in the nether regions, displaying some quite incredible stupidity, duplicity, avarice, and generally not playing cricket.

      • Then I suggest you mobe to my birthplace, Pakistan. I understand they play a mean cricket! Even beat the Brits regularly. 😎 (moVe not moBe) darn keyboard!

      • The Brits had reason to regret teaching the game to far-flung nations, only to be cleaned up by them. That is another thing that, although definitely cricket, they must have felt wasn’t cricket.

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