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1TE2014-07-11 19.24-50

The Eiffel tower was never meant to last. Built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 for the Universal Expo, as a testimony of French state-of-the-art (then) technology, it was supposed to be torn down at the end of the Expo. Most parisians then deemed it ugly. Little did they know. It is the second most visited French cultural site in 2011 (7 something million visitors; 75% “furners”) after Notre-Dame (13 million visitors and change. Please take your hat off when inside). It is the world’s most visited paying monument, with 250 million accumulated visitors as of 2010. (Everything goes to pay our public debt)

The above view was taken from the Avenue de Saxe (If I recall). In the foreground stands a typical “Marché des quatre-saisons”, with its stands ready to house street vendors (registered) and their produce, fresh fish from Brittany or Mer du nord, cheese, pâté, vegetables, clothes, what have you.

2TE2014-08-11 12.44.56

A view from the Champs de Mars, taken near the Monument des droits de l’homme, a small temple with Mason references built in 1989. (See a soon to come post) 

3TE 2014-08-11 13.57.23

This view is from Rue du commerce. I receive no royalties from 1664 beer.

4TE2014-08-11 12.45.09

Champs de Mars again.

The Champs de Mars, now so peaceful, despite the presence of the Ecole militaire and the Musée de l’Armée at the Invalides, was once the site of a terrible battle. In 52 BC, the Romans attacked the Parisii, a Gaul tribe living on the banks of the Seine. The battle took place on both banks of the river, including the site of to-day’s Trocadero. The Gauls fought bravely and fiercely. But the Romans eventually won the battle. And impressed by the courage of their adversaries, the Romans named the site Champs de Mars, the Field of Mars, the Roman god of war.

5TE2014-07-11 19.24.19A

Avenue de Suffren.


A view from the right bank. The Alexandre III bridge is to the right.

8TE2014-07-11 20.02.30

Another view from the Champs de Mars. 

The modern glass contraption to the left is the Mur de la Paix, the Wall of Peace. The word “peace” is written in 49 languages. (Why 49? Don’t know. Seems a bit short to me) There is constant bickering about the legality of the monument between the authors (Clara Halter, a prominent human rights defender), residents, and the mayor of the 7th arrondissement. The Wall for Peace is constantly vandalized and defaced with racist and anti-semitic tags and graffiti. It is now closed to the public.

Peace is closed to the public? 😦

9TE2014-07-14 21.57.57

The Ecole Militaire is to the right.

(Love the plane trails in the Paris sky. Sorry “Col”!) 🙂

10TE2014-07-14 22.38.06

On the night of the 14th of July celebration.

Eiffel tower photographs are free of rights, except at night. Technicaly I should pay rights to the illuminators of the Tower. I don’t think so. “Allons enfants de la Patri-i-e”!

Pictures and text (c) Equinoxio.

Until next time: have a great week!

12 thoughts on “LA Tour…

    • Thank you. I understand the home sickness. (And I’m much, much further away) 😦
      Mais je reviens en Juillet-Août!

  1. It’s been a long time since I was last in Paris, but a timely reminder of how much I’ve always enjoyed visiting the city – even the first time I visited, when my very first experience of Gard du Nord was a scam at the ticket machines. I lost a few francs but gained good experience.

    A few years ago I was walking in central Maputo and came across a building totally out of place in its setting – a house designed by Eiffel or one of his students and made entirely of metal. Totally impractical for Maputo’s climate which made it intolerably hot. Not unlike its more famous Parisian cousin though, a true landmark.

    • Well. Don’t waver: Paris is only a few hours away from Amsterdam by train! Hop on the train for a week-end.

  2. Love the photos, Brian. I admit that I didn’t take the time to learn about l’histoire de LA tour before I went up in it so many years ago. Sad about the Wall for Peace.

    • Hi Julie. Thanks for the visit. I must confess I’ve been very slack on posting and visiting. Have to make it up. How’ve you been? All well?

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