Where lions roam

1LF2014-07-23 14.34.14

Lions were known to the western world since early antiquity. There were lions in Assyria, in to-day’s northern Iraq (right smash in the Islamic State actually) Gilgamesh reportedly killed lions over there as early as 2800-2500 BC. In Egypt, only Pharaohs such as Ramses II could be represented hunting lions. To the west there were lions all the way to North Africa. The last lion in Algeria was killed in the 19th century, the last Atlas lion in Morroco in 1942. Now the only lions we have left around the Mediterranean roam the streets of Europe. A symbol of power. The above lion is in Florence. Turn right after the smaller lion on the left and you will be at the Uffizi gallery.


Pont Alexandre III. Paris


Paris on the right bank. The monument to WWI Belgian soldiers. The lion is the symbol of Belgium.

There were lions all the way east to India. A shorter mane than their African counterparts. Last time I checked about lions in India (mid-60’s) there were only 3,000 left. I hope there still are lions in India. Of flesh and bones. Not stone.

2LB 2014-07-22 12.34.57

A fountain in Milan


The faΓ§ade of a typical 1930’s house in Mexico city. Magnificent houses that – though protected – are being slowly torn down. No refuge for the lions.


A door-knocker in Paris. Rue de l’universitΓ©.

3LB 2014-07-22 10.51.20

8 of August 1848: monument to the fallen in the people of Bologna’s victory against the Austrians ((who then dominated most of Italy)


MusΓ©e du Louvre, Paris. The lion is probably “Ay-ta-lian”.

4L2014-07-11 12.54.50

The Lion of Belfort, place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris. (next door to the catacombs). Commemorates the fighting of the city of Belfort against the Prussians in the 1870 war. Belfort was an exception in that war: we took quite a beating!

4LM2014-07-20 12.24.55

Door-knocker in Milan.


Door-frame, Paris.

5L2014-08-07 16.26.32

Door panel, le Marais, Paris. (I may have posted that one already…)

5LB 2014-07-22 10.59.07

Lion and buffalo in Bologna. The buffalo seems to have the lower hand…

5LF2014-07-23 14.09.58


The lion-hunter’s reward after a long day shooting lions: an espresso in Florence. Hmmmm!

The idea for street-lion hunting came from a post featuring city lions by Paula, I believe. Blog is called Lost in translation:


Or maybe it was a post by La vagabonde? Not sure. An apology to either. La vagabonde’s blog is:


Do visit both blogs, if you haven’t already, they’re both worth the trip.

The cover lion is the symbol of Saint-Mark’s and hails from Bologna. Such a lovely city!

And okay, I checked about Indian lions. Couldn’t resist. There still are 411 lions over there yonder, up from a low 1974 of 180. Long live the Indian lion!

Until next time… Be happy! πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “Where lions roam

  1. There are still lions in india, i too hope they will survive as long as we, indians do πŸ™‚

    They are our national animal.

    • Nice post . The lion in the first pic seemed a bit troubled while the rest were majestic and/or fierce. :p
      And with full respect to Lions and just to correct the tiny detail in the above comment – Tiger not Lion is our National Animal.

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