Solidarity across Borders

Beyond "he" and "she"


In October 2014 a news story went viral and created great controversy when a white lesbian couple from Ohio sued their sperm bank over a mistake with their chosen donor. The couple alleged the company erroneously gave them vials from an African-American donor instead of the white donor they had carefully chosen. This mistake, the couple explained, had made it difficult for them to raise their now 2-year-old daughter in Uniontown, Ohio, a town they described as an all-white community of racial intolerance.

As the story hit the media, verdicts about the right or wrong of the lawsuit conquered the headlines of The Guardian – “Designer babies? It looks like racism and eugenics to me”[1]; The Chicago Tribune – “In defense of couple suing sperm bank”[2]; or the MIC – “White Mom’s Lawsuit Over Black Baby Exposes Ugly Truths About White Privilege”[3].


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