An Unfinished Battle..

Is there no end to evil? Human evil?
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HUMAN TRAFFICKING.. the second most organized crime in the entire world after trade of drugs and arms.


Imagine someone deciding your value and selling you off to someone whose totally unknown to you, to a unknown place, somewhere where you’re forced into something you never dreamt of in your wildest nightmares, imagine landing up there one day ! Seems disastrous, isn’t it? every year 11th of January is recognized to be a day for spreading awareness on human trafficking and hence I deemed it fit to bring up this topic.


This is merely the beginning of a never ending nightmare, which zillions of girls and women face each day, across the world. Girls and women are sold off to prospective buyers and pushed either into flesh trade, or  into bonded labor. Irrefutable is the fact that trafficking of women and children is a grave violation of human Rights and one…

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3 thoughts on “An Unfinished Battle..

  1. It is a monstrous reality which people try to ignore. The sad part is whenever someone tries to put a stop in it s/he is instantly silenced-by hook or by crook. especially in Bengal, I remember a newspaper that was publishing article after article on human trafficking our erstwhile government the commies framed its editors as Maoists and the newspaper was closed down for more than a year, both editors went to jail, now that newspaper is a garbage leaflet.

    have you seen the movie “The whistleblower”? you should! it has Rachel Weisz in it as lead actress. Its really grim and real.

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