10 thoughts on “I Support the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Do you? #JeSuisCharlie

  1. Is it really that simple? Is that all that this tragedy is about? Is Al Qaida or ISIL the biggest potential threat to freedom of the press in the West?
    When i was a teen ever gay man was considered a potential child-molester (frankly we still are – just no one says it anymore). Have you ever tried to prove you are not a child-molester. Nigh on impossible, trust me.
    My Muslim (none more religious than i) friends and colleagues and i sat around the table this afternoon shaking our heads over the headlines. Some of them virtually in tears with frustration, why the “Islamic” aspect of radical political Islam is being emphasized above the “radical” and the “political” aspect, call in on each and every one of them to prove they were not terrorist.
    Qui bono, Charlie?

    • A difficult question, babewyn. personally, I’m a cultural mongrel: I’m French. I’m a “Paki”, born in Karachi, an African raised in west and east africa. I now live in Mexico. So I’ve been around. The African part is interesting: over there I stand out. I’m white. The other. It gives a different perspective. Now Moslems, the world over are facing a challenge, similar to that faced by Christians during the reform, against the Inquisition, and later on in the 19th century with the separation of Church and State. Islam needs a Luther or a Calvin. And moslems… well, need to take a hard look at what is going on between Islam and the State. Sorry about the “need to”. Not really my place to give advice, but, I was thinking of two examples. One in Voltaire’s time, a young man, the Chevallier de la Barre was savagely tortured and executed by the state for singing an anti-religious song. Two: to-day, an Algerian writer, Kamel Daoud is under a fatwa for his words in an interview. Again, not my place for advice, but I think only Moslems can save Islam. Take care (and sallam aleikoum)

  2. Basically I believe in right to express, but one should be careful about who s/he is p**** off, ask me, we often regret that we did not kept our mouth shut.

    But, if it is one’s inner calling one should listen to it but any case should be prepared for outcomes.

  3. I believe the freedom of expression is truly the fundamental right as human being. Personally I am not in favor on the satire like Charlie Hebdo but Charlie Hebdo has its rights to publish whatever they wanted to. And whatever Charlie Hebdo had published should not be reasons for anyone to kill or banish them.
    Additionally I agree with what you mentioned to Babewyn, Brian. Gosh, tough topic 🙂

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