10 thoughts on “Charlie-Hebdo

    • Thank you for your words. Yes I’m French. I’m also a “Paki” born in Karachi. And an “African” raised west and east in Africa. And 25% British via my grandmother. And now I live in Mexico. Soooo, being a cultural “mongrel” I will never understand violence in the name of “Difference”.
      You take of yourself!

  1. my heart goes out to you and all Frenchmen! It is sad we have to live in a world where we censor ourselves out of fear. I admire the French for their bravery in fighting terrorism!
    Vive la France Libre dans l’honneur et dans l’indépendance!

    • Viel dank, meine liebe freund(in?).
      Looks like there are dark days ahead.
      I was living in Paris in the the 80’s and there were a number of blind bombings in Paris. Our daughters were little then. But one to go outside and face the threat.
      And i’m afraid this time has come back with maybe worse intensity.
      When will man ever learn?

  2. I have been following the debates related to these killings on different news channels. Its really sad that such things are happening all over the world on a regular basis now. I don’t know the direction…we are heading.

    • Thank you Pankaj for your comments. Where are we headed? A major blood-bath? Haven’t we had enough with WWII’ 60 or million dead?
      Take care

    • Thank you Dragos. I’m still in shock. Those guys, Cabu, Wolinski, I’ve followed their work since I was a child (cabu) or a teenager (Wolinski). A sharpened pencil is no match for a Kalashnikoff but let’s get to our pencils and draw!
      Take care mon ami.

      • This is a hot subject, it’s hard to take it cool-headed. Myself I’m staying apart from religion, no matter which, while I still try to be a good person just because I feel so, not because some “higher power” tells me to. But people are very different, they think differently, they’ve been raised in different cultures with different values and different beliefs and – the most important thing of them all – some did not have the choice to opt-out of certain political/religious system so they had to take it in as their only truth.

        However, I have a deep feeling that such things do not happen at random, it’s not simple bursts of rage against some (alleged) offense, but carefully crafted acts that would fit into Chomsky’s decalog of power, all to some yet obscure final result. The New World Order is progressing rapidly and this may just be one of the important phases that have to lead the world into fear and submission.

        I really wish I were paranoid and deeply wrong on this…

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