Death of a computer. Street art. Elsewhere.

01 SA MX 070 (2)mx

My laptop is fried. “·$&/(()=??=¿¿(&·”!!ª!·%$%&/! Darn. Tamales. Godverd… Zut alors! Had it coming but it is aggravating: either I have to change the motherboard or I need to retrieve the data from the hard-drive. Time-consuming. Worse is: to-day’s post was stored in the bloody nuisance. 😦 Soooo. Plan B. Got other photographs from another backup. (Always have a Plan B!) Switch to Mac. Street art again. Expanded. The above octopus was taken in Mexico city. An ad for a black Rhum brand. Alvaro Obregón avenue.

02 SA2014-07-13 18.52.27 TVNY

Tag. Paris.

03 SAB2014-07-21 17.37.06

XIVth century street art: The devil and the Virgin Mary. Bologna. (Strange vicinity)

04 SA MX 061 (3)mx

Mural. Mexico city.

05 SAF 2014-07-23 12.13.02 A

Another example of XIVth-XVth century street art. Firenze.

06 SA2014-08-07 17.56.21

A back alley in Paris, 15e arrondissement. A modern-day Cosette?

07 SAB 2014-07-22 15.42.29

A delicate lace curtain painted on a steel door. Bologna

08 SA MX f016 (2)mx

El pasado puede ser un regalo para nuestro futuro. The past can be a gift for our future. Mexico city. “El universal” is one of the oldest newspapers in Mexico.

09 SA MX 038 (3)MX

Construction site. Mexico city. Noticed the barred window in the background to the right. The end of Revolution?

11 SAF 2014-07-23 14.37.55 A

Forbidden acces to non-“addicted” to work. (A play-on-word on “addetti”. The word takes other meanings in other languages).

12 SA2014-08-07 17.53.18 A

Paris. 15e arrondissement.

13 SAB 2014-07-22 10.40.03

Nathalie Wood (Isn’t she lovely?) and James Dean. A poster under the arcades in Bologna.

14 SA2014-08-07 16.19.12

Window shop. Paris. 6e arrondissement

15 A SA MX 80

Mexico city. The statues were put on the street by a new financial institution. Top yield guaranteed!

15 B SA MX 2013 Paris 011

Detail of the same.

16 SAB2014-07-21 17.33.02

Wrought-iron detail of a door in Bologna.

17 SA2014-07-13 18.55.36 TVNY

“Crisis? What crisis?” (Paris, Krankreich)

18 SA PARIS210

Outside the restaurant Lapérouse. Quais de la Seine. Left bank.

19 SAB2014-07-21 18.39.44

(Strictly) forbidden to introduce bicycles. Bologna. Even when it comes to placing official notices, Italians can’t escape art!

20 SAM2014-07-20 12.40.58

(Performing) street art. Milan. Easy? Look closely where and how the two performers are sitting. Without skipping a breath.

Photographs and text (c) BMO

Thank you for your time. Have a lovely week-end! 

33 thoughts on “Death of a computer. Street art. Elsewhere.

  1. Most of the captured art is wonderful, especially the XIV-XV century ones. Personally I’m not too keen on sketchy things such as the second image or the “crisis” one in Paris. Never liked similar cartoons either. 🙂
    Last image looks a little bit… how should I put it… fake? ^^’ I mean, sitting on a large jar or whatever is okay, I can buy that, but holding a human being, in one hand only and in that position? C’mon, I’ve seen circus stunts where holding a woman above the head, stretched-arm, can be difficult. 😉 Unless the whole ensemble is made out of brass or something. 😀

    On another note, sorry to hear about your laptop. Are you sure it’s not some minor issue such as a filthy CPU fan, obturated ventilation, broken charger etc.? What are the symptoms, exactly? I may help in trying to fix it unless you’re a specialist. 😉

    Anyway, laptop issue apart I hope you enjoy a fine weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Dragos. About the performing artisits in Milan, could be a fake, but I was there, turned around, saw no visible cable above… So it could be true… 🙂
      Thanks for your concern about my laptop, but it’s fried allright. Already the second motherboard, and HP has discontinued the model. It was slowing down too much int the days prior to the fatal event. Had to reset it several times in a row. It does turn on, but displays lots of lines on the screen. Best I can do, is to get a case for the HD and retrieve the data myself. Thanks for the offer anyway and have a great week-end!

      • Levitation? Hard to believe for someone like me. Other possible explanations… dunno, let others chime in. 🙂

        Slowdown could be from an overheated CPU, but the lines on the screen (can you take a screenshot with a camera?) could very well be a faulty memory stick. There should be a few small covers on the back, one-two screws each; memory should be under one of them, if you’re lucky and got two RAM sticks you may pull one out and start it up see if there’s any improvement and if not, shut down, pull the other one, put the first one back in and try again.

        Cleaning up the CPU fan and heatsink may be harder, depending on the design. Some models allow quick cleaning through a similar small cover, some require the whole back cover to be pulled out, which sometimes can be a pain (just tonight a darn Acer gave me a hard time and decided to let it be).

        Dunno if there’s any external adapter for small HDDs, there probably are but never seen one here. Also please bear in mind that some manufacturers (such as Compaq, which is now part of HP) used to screw up the BIOS settings for the IDE channels so that hard drives would simply be unreadable on other machines. So to avoid any possible issues, I’d recommend fixing that laptop one way or another even temporarily, enough to backup the important data to another computer, then choose whether to dump it or fix it permanently. 😉

        Hopefully all goes well. Have a good one, Brian! 🙂

      • Thanks for all the advice my friend. Got an HD case, plugged the hardrive in it. (12 bucks) and backed-up my data (twice) in 3 minutes (times 2). Pffff! I’ll figure out later what to do with the laptop. (second time it fries, soooo.)
        Take care

      • Well, this time you got lucky. 🙂 Glad to know you got your data back, I know how it is as I lived through two main HDD crashes where data was irremediably lost and recently a motherboard crash (short on additional 12Vcc socket) followed by almost one thousand unsaved files being screwed up by Scandisk. I started building a CHK file converter after that but it proved to be too huge of a task so I paused it.

        If you ever find yourself somewhere nearby, take a detour to Ploieşti – 60km away from Bucharest, our capital – and leave that laptop in good hands: mine. 😀

        No fancy ideas about the last picture yet? Here’s one: the guy at the top, sitiing on a football, could actually be a… nicely crafted hot air balloon! XD

        All the best, Brian! 🙂

      • Nah, we hardly recall those times; I just happened to stumble into a few vintage footages some time ago on YouTube and… well… it wasn’t a pleasant watch. Actually my house was partially raised onto an explosion hole and in 1977 during that bad earthquake the wall facing the street literally broke in two. My father had to rebuild it from scratch back then but it’s still an unstable terrain.

      • Look carefully at the thick pipe like structure behind the levitating men and the sleeve bulge of the lower levitating guy… oldest trick in the book.

      • It is. Just so. I have tried the entire “tirade” of Tomorrow and tomorrow… a few times with friends. Most refuse to hear.
        I studied Macbeth in College. No bragging. Just an incredible experience. And the more I read from Old Will, in bits and pieces, the more… I stay in wonder at the extent and depth of what he wrote.
        (Glad you know the end of the quote, but then I am not surprised, Soleil) 🙂

      • Yeah, well, it’s “magic” until revealed. 🙂
        I was trying to catch some fancy ideas at the time but didn’t work out as expected.
        Thanks for your effort. 🙂

    • Thanks. I tore the laptop out. Retrieved the hard drive, bought a case-adaptor for 10 bucks, got all my data back and I have another hard-drive backup! 🙂
      Have a nice week-end.

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