Immigrants Versus Originals …

A very good perspective! 🙂

MP Sharma

So, I’m baaacccckkkk … on YouTube that is. No, no, it was me posting yesterday after my little vacation so you don’t have to worry, there still is ONLY one of me. I know, I am sure you wish there were more. Shush, just let me live in my fantasy world, okay?

Anyway, here it is, my rant on why Immigrants (that’s me by the way) are sooooooo very different from Originals (too many to name here, but you know who you are 😛 ).

Please make sure to Like and Share (if you’re so inclined) unless you’re that one dude who hit the Dislike button on my last video – I have one word, WTF?! Well, that’s not really a word but whatever. Go ahead and dislike if you wish, I mean I am pro free speech already! For the rest of you though, please feel free to spread…

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2 thoughts on “Immigrants Versus Originals …

  1. this has always happened, immigration is creating a ruckus now! 🙂

    imagine almost all caucasians belong to a small place in Europe, they literally settled all over the world in last 5000 years or so, they certainly headed for the greener pastures 🙂 (Good that people were not so judgmental back then).

    Honestly, too many immigrants can be a problem, ask any Indian 🙂 our country is always the favorite target of neighbouring countries, and the locals will make a fuss over it, because sooner or later they will get tired of helping hungry people if they just keep pouring in.

    So, the governments after letting them in should ensure job, residence for them too! In ancient times everyone could capture a small piece of land and make his home there, cultivate the land around and feed his family – that is not the scenario these days. so the governments should take in only those they can provide a life.

    Immigration, abortion – these things cant be discussed and drawn conclusion on instantly 😦

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