Street “art”. Somewhere.

I‘m not too keen on so-called “Street Art”. Most times it involves stealthy individuals spraying your (not their) wall with ugly nonsense which you then have to paint. Transgression seems to be the key word. “Oh. So daring!”. The vast majority of it defaces someone else’s property but the exception makes the rule, doesn’t it? When you walk around with your camera in hand, you may find interesting stuff. Or something that actually enhances the abandoned wall. Here it is, gathered during some of my travels.

WSA 010-NyNew York city.

WSA 035 (2)MX

Palissade. Mexico city. Not Peking or Beijin!


Vodka outdoor ad. Mexico city. Very good art. Poor brand recognition.


Dream on. Mexico city. (Tagged on my recently departed father’s house). I left the tag on for a while for the – unaware – message!


Bogotá, Colombia.


Rue de l’Université. Paris.

WSA 127bog



Paris. Marais district. “Street of the market of the White-Coats”. The latter referred to the knights Templars, The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon who had their Temple nearby.

WSA 2014-07-21 18.55.27 BOL

I want to be free. (Who doesn’t?). Bologna, Italia.

WSA 2014-07-22 16.02.09 Bol

A closed shop window in Bologna. Lovely.

All pix (c) BMO except for the first one (c) Gini.

Bon week-end, buen fin, bom fim, buon finale di settimana and a lovely week-end to all.

21 thoughts on “Street “art”. Somewhere.

    • Thank you Indah! Implies cropping, framing and discarding. That’s what photographing is all about isn’t it?
      Be good

    • More to come. Just can’t seem to find a minute to post.
      (An hour actually, between selecting, posting and commenting!)
      Be good (or bad, good can be boring!) 🙂

  1. Brian! I enjoyed this post so much! My favorites were the first one (so clever!), the one on your father’s house (I love that you left it there for a time for the implicit message), and the incredibly beautiful closed shop window in Bologna (I must go search for that one!). My best to you, my friend! I love that we battled the rain in Paris at the same time this Summer!

    • Glad you liked it Laura. That was (one of) my first street art blogs. I have become very… sensitive to it now. And there really are gems the world over. Have a great week-end.

  2. Hi Brian, a wonderful series of photos. “Dream On” really captured my attention, it’s a truly stunning photo and the message while unintended is perfect. I hope that you’ve had a good week, please enjoy the weekend ahead. ~ Mia

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