Paris in the sky with diamonds



In times of trouble mother (sky) comes to me. Feeling down? Everybody’s out to get you? You may be right. Even paranoids have ennemies. Nonetheless stop looking at the ground. Look up. At the sky. Wherever you are. After a while, apart from a cranked neck you will feel better. Of course, a bit of sun helps! 🙂



Paris, 15e arrondissement.


Rue de l’Université


The Louvre (left) seen from Orsay (right)


Le Louvre, from le pont du Carrousel


Jardin des plantes (birthplace of evolution theory)


Paris, 15e arrondissement

467Pont Alexandre III

Pix (c) yours truly

Lyrics: Lennon/McCartney

Where are the diamonds? Everywhere! The entire city is a gem. (And I dare anyone to say otherwise!) 🙂

34 thoughts on “Paris in the sky with diamonds

    • Contrails? Contrails? You just beat the arrogant frog that I am. had to “Gook” it up.
      So it’s a “sillage”? My, my! Love contrails since I was a child spending the summer in Normandy, watching the planes high above.
      (Plus, I’m an airline brat, my father was an Air France man!)
      But fine. I’ll try to avoid contrails in future posts!
      Have a nice week-end Leslie.
      Take care

      • There’s also chemtrails, but that’s an entirely different story… 🙄

        Wonderful pictures of great skies! Maybe too cloudy at times but amazing views nonetheless. 😉 Thank you for sharing them with us!

        Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Actually I was born in India (Pakistan. Same difference) grew up in Africa. Only really went (back) to Paris to college. I did live ten-fifteen years there until wanderlust caught me again. 🙂
      Glad you like the pix. Don’t know about the “multi-talented” thing, but one tries one’s best.
      However blue you might feel, go to Paris. Catch a cheap flight. Drag a friend along. It’s better to share Paris. Although I just spent a month there alone and was quite okay. Take care my friend! 🙂

    • Rue de l’Université? One of my favourite walks in Paris. A loooooong street just one or two blocks away from the Seine. And I do walk with my nose up. Paris skies – when not raining – are splendid. 🙂

    • Thank you Laura for your kind words and wishes. We are managing. With ups and downs, but moving along. Slowly, ever so slowly but ahead. take care and enjoy Vancouver. Summer must be nice there.

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