Open up the doors!

1 WD534

Doors fascinate me. The simplest of shapes. A rectangle, tall and wide enough to let anyone go through without banging their head. Children sweep and squeeze through. So functional. And yet, a door separates the inside from the outside. The private from the public sphere. Or lets them in or out. In Giraudoux’s La guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu, there are doors at one extreme of the stage. The open doors mean peace. The closed doors mean war.

Those particular doors are from Bologna, Florence, Mexico, Milan and Paris. In disorder.I like my doors scrambled. Can you guess where each door is from?

2 WD 2014-07-20 13.23.41 Milan-2 3 WD146 4 WD352 5 WD 2014-07-22 10.41.51 Bol 6 WD371 7 WD 2014-07-23 12.55.07 Fze

8 WD523 9 WD524

Detail from the previous door

10 WDm2014-06-28 15.11.41-1 11 WD 5-1 12 WD 2014-07-23 19.30.24 Fze 13 WD578-1


All photos (c) BMO and Equinoxio

Did you guess the correct order? 🙂

Answers next week. Have a great week-end

23 thoughts on “Open up the doors!

  1. Well, they’re all closed; does that mean war…? 🙄

    I wouldn’t dare guessing, my knowledge is too limited since I’m not a traveler. But some of them are impressive, others may be modest but have their own charm, so thank you for bringing them to our attention. And enjoy the weekend! 🙂

    • Paris, Milan, Paris, Paris, Bologna, Paris, Firenze, Paris, Paris, Mexico, Paris, Firenze and Paris! 🙂
      (The give-away sign in Italian is Piazza del limbo in Florence!)
      Thanks for the visit

  2. Fabulous gallery of beautiful doors, whatever order they are in. Interesting that yuo should say that open door means peace and closed door means war. This reminds me of when my son and daughter were teenagers. Son’s door was always open, and daughter’s door was usually closed. 🙂

    • Well maybe your daughter’s more private! 🙂
      The reference to war and doors comes from Jean Giraudoux’s play “La guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu”. “The Trojan war will not happen”. A play written just before WWII if I recall. My parents and their friends mounted the play when we were living in Africa. (Amateur) Direction by my father, costumes and set by my mother. They all had a lot of fun. (No TV in Africa then, bless God). And so did the children: we’d attend the rehearsals, learn some of the lines. ‘That why this particular play and its meaning – war or peace – is very dear to my heart!
      (Overshare!) 🙂
      Take care

  3. I really like this post because the doors are closed, mostly without windows… and though you can make educated guesses about what lies on the other side, it is mostly left to the imagination, looking through only with the x-ray eyes of imagination. War? Never! There are always ways to get to the other side without violence and strife.

    • The second door is from the cathedral in Milan.
      The last before one door, just before the blue door is from Firenze. The cathedral’s main door, facing the baptistery. 🙂

  4. Holy Cow I love those doors. Ours are so boring here! After coming back from Ireland I feel like painting mine a bright color at least. I suppose my favorites are the ones with the wood engravings. They are masterful.

    • I see a red door, I want to paint it black (Jaggers/Richards) Glad you liked the selection. I don’t know about your doors over there, though I’m sure you can find nice ones in the old houses. DC had very nice doors. 🙂

    • I’ve been to Praga, too awed by the renewd beauty of the city to really mind the doors. Don’t know Buda (Pest)? From all I hear it has also turned into a beautiful city. Nafplio? Never heard of that one. Will google it.
      Eupharisto for your visits and comments.
      Be good

      • my pleasure to explore your site! i find hidden treasures from time to time. Yes budapest is also nice, especially the Buda side -that’s where the impressive doors are.

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