Montmartre, le passe-murailles

For an easier route to Montmartre, take line 12, direction Aubervilliers. Stop at Lamarck-Caulaincourt. (Less, much less stairs to climb than at Abbesses) when you go out of the station, climb the only visible flight of stairs visible in the street. just a couple. Turn right into Rue Caulaincourt. Across a small square take Avenue Junot, ever so slightly to your left. Just follow the street and you will arrive safely at Montmartre (and far from the madding crowd!)

l2014-07-16 18.22.30

Door of the typical Art Déco buildings that line the street.

L2014-07-16 18.25.50

Glycine in Avenue Junot. Keep walking to the Place Marcel Aymé

L2014-07-16 18.28.25

Marcel Aymé was a very popular writer “entre-deux-guerres”, in between the two wars. One of his short stories is called “le passe-muraille”. About a man who has the ability to go through walls. He uses his talent to drive his boss nuts (a mean boss) and to have all sorts of adventures. He then falls in love but loses his talent as he is crossing a wall… And gets trapped forever.

la foto 2As you can see the hand is polished clean. Too many passersby touching it… The fingers will be gone in a few centuries.

la foto 3

la foto 4

Keep walking up Rue Norvins… And lo and behold:

l2014-07-16 19.06.08

Obviously not from the same angle. From Rue Norvins one arrives at “Le Consulat”. (See my previous blog)

Enjoy the walk.

Text & Photos (c) BMO and Equinoxio


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