Montmartre à reculons

la foto 1a


Another view of the Sacré Coeur


la foto 1b


A Wallace fountain. All over Paris. Gorgeous (drinkable) water!


la foto 1c


“For the first time on December 24th 1898, a petrol car driven by Louis Renault who’d built it, reached la Place du Tertre, thus signaling the start of the French automobile industry”

Anyone who’s climbed up to Montmartre one way or the other will recognize the incredible feat it was at the very end of the 19th century for an automobile to climb the hill!


la foto 1d


Le Consulat restaurant. On the rue Norvins. That is generally how I approach Montmartre. A bit of the Sacré-Coeur below the clouds.


la foto 1e


Sacré-Coeur at a further distance on rue Norvins.

Photos and text (c) BMO and Equinoxio.

10 thoughts on “Montmartre à reculons

  1. I feel like I’m there! I love the Wallace Fountains and the story behind them, to provide drinkable water to those who did not have access to it (and, now, to all of us). It would be fun one day to scout out all of them. My favorite is in La Cité.

    I enjoyed that view from above the Basilica. I have not seen that point of view before.

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