Mon Paris à moi, là!

la foto 1

Montmartre, le Mont des martyrs, where St-Denis was beheaded. Not necessarily my favourite spot in Paris. The architecture of the Sacré Coeur is slighlty “Kitsch”, but an obligatory spot to go back to. Maybe because my sister used to live in Montmartre. Now… it still has lovely skies…

la foto 2

Yet another reason to go to Montmartre: on a clear day, nothing beats the view. Oh, my Paris skies!

la foto 3

Near Place du Tertre, a creative rendition of Van Gogh

la foto 4

A wrought-iron door panel, somewhere down below Montmartre, close to Amélie Poulain’s grocery market. (Yes, it does exist)

la foto 5


The metro station at Abbesses, one of the closest to Montmartre, with its Art Déco roof. Lots of stairs to climb from the platform. I personally prefer to stop at Lamarck-Caulaincourt and just walk up to Montmartre by the Avenue Junot. No stairs. And an interesting surprise on Place Marcel-Aymé.

Been in Paris a few weeks already. Can’t seem to tire of it. Not going to many museums or expos (we just “did” the Musée Guimet, which has a fabulous collection of art from all over Asia, Cambodia in particular) just walking around, with my nose up. A bottle of Morgon is cooling now. Cheeses are ready (St-Paulin, Fourme d’Ambert, Camembert). I’ll prepare a hot goat cheese salad. Have dinner in the small garden. Paradise. Meanwhile, the French will die of bad mood in the most beautiful city on earth. (I know there are contenders, and although Praga comes very close, and New York stands in a category of its own, Paris est la plus belle ville du monde) Maybe that’s how Babylon and Rome fell? Not of Vandal invasions (Rome’s case) but just of bad mood. 🙂 ‘Don’t care, this is the most beautiful city in the world. “Y’all take care naw!”


21 thoughts on “Mon Paris à moi, là!

    • Yes it is. So many people from all over the world. There’s music on the stairs. Artists sketching portraits.
      A lovely light.
      (To-day is raining cats and dogs!)
      (But that is Paris too!)

  1. I have read an article about it… it is one of the most hidden secrets of paris i believe, i have read so many stories w paris as background but i had to know about it via a hollywood c grade thriller!!!!!!

    it must be an eerie place to be in if you have respect for departed souls.

  2. I love these photos! So much more personal than the usual Eiffel Tower and Louvre shots.

    What a special memory (and can I have some goat cheese salad too, please?).

    Keep enjoying that good mood! 😉

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